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TJU-NUS Joint Institute in Fuzhou


About Tianjin University

Tianjin University is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education. Its predecessor was Peiyang University, founded in 1895, which was the first modern university in China. Based on the values of "seeking truth from facts", the spirit of "rigorous scholarship" and the tradition of "patriotic dedication", it is highly reputed both within China and internationally. Tianjin University was listed as one of the first batch of 985 Project, 211 Project and 2011 Program Universities. In the list of “world-class universities and first-class disciplines” of 2017, Tianjin University was one of 42 shortlisted world-class universities and additionally earned the distinction of being classified as one of only 36 Class A universities in China.

Tianjin University has followed the paradigm of strengthening engineering and science, and in turn, revitalizing art and medicine. Throughout its development, it has focused on major strategic needs of the country, the frontiers of technological development in the world, while rooted in the main battlefield of the national economy. These aims have been achieved through the tradition of supporting high-quality talent cultivation with high-level scientific research, which has sculpted a discipline curricula that is based on engineering, with a combination of science and a coordinated development of multiple disciplines such as economics, management, literature, law, medicine, education, art, and philosophy. Adhering to the three guiding developmental principles of talent training, discipline construction and scientific research, the reform and innovation of the institutional mechanisms and systems have been improved by bringing together various elements of innovation inside and outside the school. This allows the achievement of continuously improving level of school operation and the quality of talent cultivation, increasing integration of science and education, and elevation of support of industry advancement, thus serving the construction of an innovative country.

About TJU-NUS Joint Institute in Fuzhou

The Cooperation Agreement on Establishment of Tianjin University-National University of Singapore Joint Institute in Fuzhou was signed by People’s Government of Fuzhou City, Education Department of Fujian Province, Tianjin University and National University of Singapore on 1/12/2018 to co‑establish TJU-NUS Joint Institute in Fuzhou (Joint Institute). As a secondary institution of Tianjin University, the Joint Institute is committed to developing into a world-class Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run school, educating top talents ready for the future, through the melding of the merits of both universities. It aims to develop strategic and innovative research with focus on the areas of flexible electronics, emerging photoelectron techniques, advanced manufacturing technologies, energy catalysis and environment, in support of national strategic objectives as well as local socioeconomic development

From its inception, the Joint Institute has attracted 20 PIs from both universities, recruited 59 doctoral students with excellent academic qualifications, and 12 postdoctoral researchers. It has published 62 academic papers in world-class journals, and successfully convened two sessions of Steering Committee meetings, continuously widening the scope of strategic cooperation.

At present, the construction of the campus and supporting facilities are in full swing. The shared analysis center and the scientific research laboratory building have been started with the allocate funds put in place. The strong support of the government together with the joint efforts of the invaluable personnel of both universities will enable the Joint Institute to build a high-level, open, and international first-class platform. The Joint Institute aims to uphold a single vision to foster and cultivate talents that help shape the future of higher education and contribute to the socioeconomic development of Fuzhou and Fujian through a focus on continuous innovation and frontier technologies.

Outstanding talents from home and abroad are all welcome to join us

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