We offer competitive compensation and benefits based on a variety of factors including prior experience, geographic location, and talent pool availability:

Pay for Performance Philosophy and Practices:  We structure our compensation policies and practices to recognize that you should be rewarded based on the contributions you make to our business.

Health and Wellness:  Depending on the customs and laws of a specific country, we offer programs that help you maintain and promote optimum health and wellness. They can include health and disability insurance, preventative health programs, medical screening, free or reduced-cost vaccinations, discounts on Pfizer products, and nutrition and fitness counseling.

Financial Goals:  Depending on local custom and practice, we offer benefits that will help you meet your financial goals. These can include access to colleague-directed retirement funds, company contributions to retirement financial vehicles, life insurance, and financial planning education.

Professional Goals: Our leaders and managers take an active role in developing colleagues and helping them fulfill their career goals:

  • Individual Development Plans: You’ll work with your manager to create detailed career “roadmaps” that take into account your interests and aspirations as well as our business needs.
  • Mentoring: We actively promote mentoring through our Mentor Match online tool – a quick and easy way to volunteer to be a mentor or to find a mentor that meets specific criteria.
  • Internal Advancement: You may freely explore and apply for positions within Pfizer.
  • Coaching-Focused Performance Management Process:  We encourage managers to hold frequent, robust performance coaching discussions, rather than assigning labels to sum up an entire year’s performance.
  • Short- and Medium-Term Experiential Opportunities: Through activities like job-rotation assignments, experiential action projects, and short-term project roles, you’ll have a variety of short- and medium-term career development opportunities.
  • Learning & Development Opportunities: You can take advantage of learning and development opportunities focused on hundreds of topics, including leadership and management skills, industry- and job-specific learning, and general business, manufacturing, finance, and technology skills.