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Secretaría Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación (SENACYT)
Panama (PA)
Commensurate with education and experience
Closing date
May 17, 2024

THE REGIONAL CENTER FOR INNOVATION IN VACCINES AND BIOPHARMACEUTICALS (CRIVB AIP), is a public interest and non-profit association with legal status recognized by the Ministry of Government, regulated by Law 39 of august 8, 2018. CRIVB AIP is located at Building 205, Clayton, City of Knowledge, Republic of Panama, which has among its main objectives to contribute with research and development of vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, and monoclonal antibodies as a matter of national security. As well as contributing to self-sufficiency in essential vaccines for the basic immunization schedule of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Panama and the countries of the Latin American region, to combat major public health problems.


The mission of CRIVB AIP is to use cutting-edge innovation and research to accelerate the development of vaccines and other biologics that prevent human suffering.


The vision of CRIVB AIP is to be an institution of excellence for rapid and universal access to vaccines and biologics through innovation and research for the Panamanian population and the international community.

The center´s specific goals include:

  1. To carry out research development with integrity, rigorous ethics and in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and practical guidelines that include good laboratory practices and good clinical practices.
  2. To be the reference center in Latin America and the Caribbean for research and innovation in vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, biopharmaceuticals, and their variants.
  3. To significantly improve the quality of life of the population of Latin America and the Caribbean through access to vaccines and biopharmaceuticals.

CRIVB AIP will carry out the following main activities:

  1. Conduct research on vaccines and biopharmaceuticals to demonstrate that they are safe, immunogenic and effective.
  2. Produce vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, biopharmaceuticals, and their variants for local and regional consumption.
  3. Enhance the capacity for local innovation in areas of great technological importance.
  4. Carry out technical capacity building activities in human capital and knowledge transfer.
  5. Create and disseminate knowledge and technologies aimed at contributing to the promotion of health and quality of life.


  1. Doctoral degree or higher, in one of the areas of Medical Sciences, Biosciences (Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Biodiversity or related), Bioengineering, Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology.
  2. Internationally recognized professional as a leading researcher, preferably as director of research centers, in the field of scientific and/or technological research, and developing or consolidating research areas.
  3. Ten (10) or more years of work experience in research/technology centers of excellence, or as a member of the scientific staff, project leader or manager, technical staff manager, principal investigator or related highly technical position, preferably as a director.
  4. Have a proven track record of obtaining research funding as principal investigator or key author of funded proposals.
  5. Have experience with science funding mechanisms in the public and/or private, nationally and/or internationally.
  6. Proven experience in the areas of microbiology, epidemiology, infectious diseases, biotechnology and/or related areas.
  7. Proven track record in scientific and technological research, with a high number of indexed scientific publications as the main or responsible author.
  8. Proven leadership capacity in the management of research programs.
  9. Experience in strategic planning, management of scientific teams and knowledge of grant processes and fund raising.
  10. Experience in generating intellectual property, patents, or other expressions of technology transfer and innovation.
  11. Verifiable experience in science, technology and innovation management, resource mobilization, and having led high impact STI programs and projects.
  12. Fluent in Spanish and English (written and spoken)
  13. Belong and have national and international academic networks, and networks in international organizations.


Within the principal duties of the Director, are among others, the following:

  1. Represent the Center in public and private, national, international organizations, and media, for budget support, fundraising, publicize and disseminate the Center´s activities, and others.
  2. Organize and implement the formulation and updating of the CRIVB AIP's strategic plans in coordination with other AIP governance bodies (Steering Committee, Scientific Committee, etc.), for the consideration and approval of the Board of Directors and oversee their implementation.
  3. Define, prepare, and present to the Board of Directors the annual objectives, the annual budget, the multi-year budget projection and the investment plan according to the needs of CRIVB AIP.
  4. Provide daily follow-up on operational, technical, and administrative matters related to the execution of CRIVB AIP activities.
  5. To direct the processes of selection and hiring of administrative, technical and scientific personnel deemed necessary to fulfill the functions of the CRIVB AIP.
  6. Promote and facilitate cutting-edge research, including collaboration and interdisciplinary research with other actors, institutes and/or national or international researchers.
  7. Increase internal and external research opportunities in the field of vaccines, biopharmaceuticals and their variants for researchers, fellows, and students at the national level.
  8. Develop links between the institute and public and private sector researchers nationally and internationally, forming innovative research communities and providing sufficient support to enhance the research capacity of CRIVB AIP.
  9. Promote the transfer of the results of the main research conducted by researchers to stakeholders such as civil society, researchers, private sector, and public sector decision makers through dissemination workshops or other CRIVB AIP dissemination mechanisms.
  10. Ensure compliance with institutional policies and directives of the Board of Directors or the General Assembly.
  11. All other functions assigned by the Board of Directors.


  • Openness to change, and ability to handle complex situations.
  • Ability to perform the job with energy and positive and constructive attitude.
  • Ability to foster a favorable work environment for the best performance of human resources.
  • High level of organization, innovative and creative
  • Interpersonal skills to motivate staff and promote teamwork.
  • Ability to effectively manage the organization and its collaborators.
  • To operate effectively under controls, administrative criteria and within a legal framework
  • Management of physical and virtual tools for organization, work performance and supervision.
  • Planning and time management skills.
  • Ability to adapt to remote work, face-to-face and virtual communication.
  • Ability to ensure the application and implementation of internal organizational rules and regulations.
  • Ability to reach consensus and negotiate support from colleagues, research subjects and other stakeholders.
  • Ability to negotiate and dialogue with public administration actors, national and international organizations, non-profit organizations, academic, national, and international institutions, private and productive sector interlocutors.
  • Ability to obtain resources, sponsorships, and grant funds, national and/or international.
  • Knowledge of calls for proposals, competitions, and opportunities to participate in subsidized projects related to CRIVB AIP's objectives.
  • Prepare accountability tools, reports, and reports to internal governance bodies.
  • Ability to work in a results-oriented manner.
  • Ability to work with a broad vision without losing sight of details.
  • Clear understanding of the needs and challenges of science and technology in Panama.


  • Resumé in either Spanish or English, showcasing their professional trajectory. The resume should serve as evidence of the candidate's knowledge, experience, and skills relevant to the position. It should clearly demonstrate how the candidate's background aligns with the required profile.
  • Essay of up to three (3) pages, addressed to the Board of Directors of CRIVB AIP. The essay should articulate why the applicant believes they are the most suitable candidate for the position of Research Center Director. It should include details about their professional trajectory, specific interests relevant to the role, and any other pertinent information.
  • At least three (3) letters of professional references, addressed to the CRIVB AIP Board of Directors. These letters should include contact information for verification purposes and should attest to the applicant's qualifications, character, and suitability for the position.

SALARY: from B/.7,000.00 to B/.10,000.00 monthly, negotiable according to skills and proven experience. DEDICATION: Full time.

***Finalists will be asked to participate in interviews. The Board of Directors reserves the right not to hire any candidate, if in its opinion the candidates do not meet the required profile.



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