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Global Talent Recruitment of Xinxiang Medical University in 2024

Xinxiang Medical University Yazhouwan National Laboratory
Yazhouwan National Laboratory, No.8 Huanjin Road
From CNY5,000,000-10,000,000 according to the requirements of relevant discipline construction.
Closing date
Jul 16, 2024

Global Talent Recruitment of Xinxiang Medical University in 2024


I.School Profile

Xinxiang Medical University (XXMU) is the only independently established university of modern medicine in Henan Province located in central China, one of the 100 universities in the National Basic Ability Construction Project of Western and Central China during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020), and the key project construction unit of the Doctoral Degree Awarding Unit in Henan Province. It started medical education in 1922 as a junior medical college and was named Xinxiang Medical University in 1982 when it developed its undergraduate programs. In 1998, XXMU was granted the right to confer a master’s degree. In 2006, it passed the undergraduate teaching evaluation by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China with excellence level. In 2016, it was praised by the experts group in the undergraduate teaching review and evaluation by the Ministry of Education, and became one of the 100 universities in the National Basic Ability Construction Project of Western and Central China during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. In 2018, it passed the professional certification of clinical medicine by the Ministry of Education. In 2020, its Overseas Expertise Introduction Center for Discipline Innovation was listed in the Higher Education Institution Academic Discipline Innovation and Talent Introduction Plan (the national Plan 111) supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education.

At present, there are 13718 faculty members (including members from its five clinical colleges), approximately 28,000 students, fifteen affiliated hospitals, and four journals published domestically and internationally, two of which are national core journals in China.

XXMU has seven disciplines, namely medicine, science, engineering, literature, law, management, and education, in which clinical medicine tops 5‰ in the ESI global rankings, and pharmacology and toxicology top 1% in the ESI global rankings. In 2022, it was granted the title of National Regional Medical Center for Mental Disease. There is one national key clinical specialty, one provincial Class A characteristic discipline group, two provincial characteristic backbone disciplines, and 21 provincial key disciplines. It has 12 master’s programs of first-level disciplines and 10 master’s programs of professional degree with 21-year training for graduate students. There are 35 undergraduate majors, 15 national and provincial characteristic majors, 20 national and provincial first-class undergraduate construction programs, and 44 national and provincial first-class undergraduate courses.

XXMU has one national-local joint engineering laboratory, four provincial key laboratories, 15 provincial international joint laboratories, 23 provincial collaborative innovation centers, research centers and other discipline platforms, and has built post-doctoral research workstations, post-doctoral innovation practice centers, and academician workstations. In the past five years, it has undertaken over 500 national and provincial & ministerial research projects and won over 40 provincial & ministerial research achievement awards.


II. Recruiting Requirements and Remuneration for High-level Talents

The disciplines or majors involved are as follows: basic medicine, clinical medicine, public health and preventive medicine, nursing, pharmacy, medical technology, stomatology, forensic medicine, biology, biomedical engineering, Marxist theory, management, psychology, English, physical education and sport science, etc.


Categories1:Top-notch Talents

RequirementsAcademic experts and Top-notch Talents with great achievements and extensive international academic influence, and the ability to lead the discipline team to engage in research in the world’s academic frontier and achieve internationally leading innovative achievements, such as Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Remuneration (Measured by CNY10,000, Pre-tax)

Annual Salary200

Housing Subsidy 200

Research Start-up FundsNatural sciences: CNY30,000,000 (including CNY20,000,000 for research and CNY10,000,000 for college construction);humanities and social sciences: CNY5,000,000


Categories2:Leading Talents in Science and Technology

RequirementsLeading talents who have achieved recognized academic achievements and gained academic influence both domestically and abroad, have the ability to lead their discipline teams to cooperatively tackle key problems, catch up with or surpass the domestic advanced level, and are expected to make major breakthroughs.

Remuneration (Measured by CNY10,000, Pre-tax)

Annual Salary100

Housing Subsidy 150

Research Start-up FundsNatural sciences: CNY10,000,000;

humanities and social sciences: CNY2 ,000,000



RequirementsTalents who have made innovative academic achievements, have the ability to lead or assist the discipline team to catch up with or surpass the domestic advanced level, and are expected to achieve important landmark achievements.

Remuneration (Measured by CNY10,000, Pre-tax)

Annual Salary60

Housing Subsidy 100

Research Start-up FundsNatural sciences: CNY3,000,000;

humanities and social sciences: CNY1,000,000


High-level talents will be remunerated on a case-by-case basis and equipped with academic teams. In addition, apartments within the campus, jobs for their spouses and access to nearby nurseries and schools for their children will be provided. Talents will be supported to lead excellent innovation teams to XXMU, but the team members should at least meet the recruiting requirements for the university’s Class II doctors. Team members will get the corresponding remuneration based on different standards of this announcement. The introduced innovation teams will be given a start-up fund varying from CNY5,000,000-10,000,000 according to the requirements of relevant discipline construction, overall academic performance and academic level. The expert responsibility system and project responsibility system will be implemented, and all kinds of talents are supported to build innovation teams featured by cross-college cooperation, industry-university-research collaboration and multi-disciplinary integration. According to the work experience, academic performance and personal wishes, the talents can be selected as the vice-presidents of XXMU, deans or vice-deans of the colleges in XXMU.


III. Recruiting Requirements and Remuneration for Doctors

(1) Basic Requirements

The candidates should have full-time undergraduate degrees obtained from higher education institutions, and have the postgraduate education background with majors identical or similar to those during the undergraduate period; 

(2) Performance Requirements

The candidates should have a solid theoretical foundation and professional knowledge, be able to pass the assessment of the Academic Committee of XXMU, and have focused research fields and promising development potential.

(3) Relevant Remuneration

We adopt a classified policy (Class I, Class II, and Class III) of recruiting excellent doctors, and provide corresponding remuneration for those who will pass the assessment three years after being introduced.

1. Research start-up funds: for Class I talents, a research start-up fund of CNY800,000 will be provided for those in natural sciences, and that of CNY400,000 for those in humanities and social sciences. For Class II talents, a research start-up fund of CNY300,000 will be provided for those in natural sciences, and that of CNY150,000 for those in humanities and social sciences.

2. A three-year higher position salary: Class I talents will have an annual salary of CNY500,000 according to the annual salary system. Class II talents will receive equal remuneration as seventh-level associate professors.

3. A monthly degree allowance of CNY1,000 will be provided for all doctors.

4. Apartments within the campus will be provided for all candidates, and only one for a couple.

5. For a couple who live apart in different cities or places, we will actively assist in arranging relevant jobs in the city or university. Access to nearby nurseries and schools for the children of candidates will also be provided.

6. Class I talents can be recognized as master’s supervisors.

Class III talents are not provided with research start-up funds, apartments within the campus or a higher position salary. They mainly include teachers who are in short supply and in urgent need, and teaching assistants or administrators with high requirements for professional skills.

All introduced talents will be provided with corresponding remuneration who have made significant contributions or breakthroughs in their work within three years and met the standards of corresponding talent classification after the written recommendation of team leaders such as discipline leaders, and the assessment of experts of the Academic Committee of the university.


IV. Application Procedure

High-level talents are invited to send the application documents to the E-mail of relevant departments or Doctors are invited to send the application documents to the E-mail of relevant departments or The title of the E-mail should be: application departments+talent category+the candidates’ name.

Documents for Application:

1. The completed form for “Xinxiang Medical University Application Form for Recruiting Global High-Level Talents” (click to download) or “Xinxiang Medical University Application Form for Recruiting Doctors” (click to download);

2. Scanned copies (PDF format) of ID card (or passport), academic and degree certificates from bachelor’s degree to the highest degree, professional and technical certificates, certification documents of talent plans or academic achievements;

3. Scanned copies (PDF format) of certification documents of representative academic achievements (papers, monographs, projects, awards, patents, etc.) in recent five years;

4. Scanned copies (PDF format) of relevant certification documents that the applicant deems necessary.


V. Contact Information

Contact: Mr Li (high-level talents), Mr Huang (doctors)

Tel: 0086-0373-3029007; 0086-0373-3029163

Address: No. 601, Jinsui Avenue, Hongqi District, Xinxiang, Henan Province, the People’s Republic of China

Post Code: 453003


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