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Post Doc Fellows and Research Scientist in Cardiac / Renal Labs at Johns Hopkins Pathology

Johns Hopkins Medicine Pathology
Baltimore, Maryland (US)
50-60K or NIH payscale
Closing date
May 12, 2024

Available positions: Postdoctoral fellows and Research specialists / scientists in Mitochondria and Metabolic Signaling in cardiac and kidney diseases. The laboratory is interested in understanding the signaling networks involving mitochondria and metabolism in aging and human diseases. Our projects study various heart diseases, including aging/senescence, myocardial infarction, heart failure (HfrEF and HfpEF), kidney diseases (diabetes, various glomerulonephritis, AKI and polycystic kidney disease) and genetic mitochondrial disease (Leigh syndrome encephalocardiomyopathy). Our laboratories investigate mouse model, human iPSC-differentiated cells modeling of human diseases and human samples from pathology/autopsy archives to elucidate molecular basis of human diseases.

The post-doc candidates should hold a PhD. and/or M.D. degree or equivalent. The projects involve mouse and iPSC cultures and various differentiation protocols (cardiomyocytes, neurons, brain/kidney organoids), confocal microscope, quantitative image analysis, qPCR, Western blotting, immunostaining as well as mouse surgery and physiology. Preference will be given to individuals with experience in any of these approaches. Expertise in electrophysiology (patch clamp), Ca-signaling (using IonOptix or confocal), or sophisticated mouse surgeries is highly valued. The candidates may also participate in collaborations with other laboratories at Johns Hopkins University, particularly on cardiovascular, kidney and neuroscience research. Strong publications in peer-reviewed journals are a plus. JHU sponsors J1 visa through the post-doc training office for those who need visas. For research specialists/technicians, a PhD in biomedical sciences is preferred, but a degree in Biomedical Sciences with > 5 years of relevant research experience may be considered. Research specialists / scientists will perform molecular biology, immunohistochemistry, cell culture, pathology archives and/or mouse studies.

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