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Jiangxi Normal University 2023 International Forum of Young Talents Welcomes Global Talents

Jiangxi Normal University
Nanchang (Prefecture), Jiangxi (CN)
For those with outstanding performance, rewards are provided varying from person to person
Closing date
Jan 3, 2024

Jiangxi Normal University

2023 International Forum of Young Talents

Welcomes Global Talents

- JXNU -

Let’s Work Together to Write a New Chapter of a Better, First-class, and Model University


About Forum

Focusing on the goal of building “a better, first-class and model university”, the 2023 International Forum of Young Talents held by Jiangxi Normal University provides a platform for for global young talents of different academic backgrounds to conduct academic exchanges and achievements display through policy presentations, symposiums, academic seminars and panel discussions, hoping to attract outstanding young talents and bring their talent into full play in Jiangxi Normal University.


Who Are Invited

Those who have obtained doctoral degrees from universities at home and abroad or are about to graduate as doctors and leave the station as post-doctors, and have certain achievements in the frontier fields of their disciplines, good development potential and willingness to join us, are sincerely invited.


How To Register

For eligible talents, please scan the QR code below. After reviewing, we will send an invitation letter to the eligible invitees.

Jiangxi Normal University

Application Form for 2023 International Forum of Young Talents

We will provide free accommodation for the invitees and reimburse for the round-trip travel expenses (economy class airfare air ticket or second-class high-speed rail ticket). The reimbursement limit for the invitees from Europe and America is 13,000 yuan/person; Asia-Pacific is 8,000 yuan/person; and China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) is 5,000 yuan/person.

When And Where

The forum will be held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province from December 23th to 25th, 2023. The relevant schedule is as follows:

Arrival and Check-in: December 23th, 2023

Location: Bailu Hotel, Jiangxi Normal University, No.99 Ziyang Avenue, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province

Forum Time: December 23th-25th (main forums, sub-forums etc.)


We will provide talents at home and abroad a platform for career development, a home for better life, a competitive salary and a beautiful campus with ecological environment.

01 Please refer to the Interim Measures for the Introduction of High-level Talents in Jiangxi Normal University (revised in 2022) for  talent categories, recruitment conditions and related treatment, and here is the website:

02 All introduced high-level talents will be employed within public institution staffing quota, and the one-stop policy of their children studying in affiliated schools will be provided.

03 For excellent overseas returnees and doctors (post-doctors), fully furnished transition housing will be provided without charge.

04 For excellent overseas returnees of the first category, top-notch and above talents, working opportunities for their spouses will be provided as appropriate.

05 For those with outstanding performance, rewards are provided varying from person to person on the basis of the above.

 About JXNU

Jiangxi Normal University is co-established by the Ministry of Education and the The People's Government of Jiangxi Province, and listed in the Midwest University Fundamental Capacity Building Project. Located in Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi province and a land of treasures, talents and long history, Jiangxi Normal University enjoys the longest history for undergraduate enrollment in Jiangxi province, which can be traced back to National Chung Cheng University built in 1940.

Academic Establishment

With a history of 80 years, we stay true to the mission of pursuing excellence and welcome talents from all over the world.

Hu Xiansu, our first president, once said, “If we are to run a university in our province, it must be a model for others”.

We have the right to grant doctoral degrees, as well as it is the first batch of colleges or universities which are authorized to grant bachelor’s and master’s degrees throughout China. We offer degrees in Philosophy, Economics, Law, Education, Literature, History, Science, Engineering, Management, and Fine Arts. There are:

23 colleges under the University,

1 independent college (College of Science and Technology),

3 industry college,

88 bachelor’s degree programs,

40 bachelor’s degree programs selected as the National First-Class Undergraduate Majors Construction Sites,

13 doctoral degree programs,

12 doctoral degree programs of the first-rank disciplines,

1 doctoral professional degree program,

5 post-doctoral research stations,

5 disciplines enters global top 100 according to the Essential Science Indicators,

33 master’s degree programs of the first-rank disciplines,

18 master’s professional degree programs,

1 National Engineering Technology Research Center,

1 National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory,

9 ministerial scientific research institutions, including key laboratories  of Education Ministry, Ministry of Natural Resources, General Administration of Sports,

1 national university science park,

2 National Demonstration Centers for Experimental Education,

6 provincial Collaborative Innovation Center (2011),

12 provincial key laboratories,

2 provincial high-end think tanks,

1 CSSCI journal.

Beautiful Campus

Yaohu Campus is surrounded by a 7km-length Yaohu River as a pearl necklace, which vividly demonstrates our philosophy of running a university — openness and ecology. Starting from the main gate in the east, the healthy trail cuts into the waters of Yaohu River and embraces Yaohu campus in a unique shape of roundabout, bringing out the best in each other.

Promising Future

We promise generous benefits. We will provide favourable settling-in allowance and scientific research start-up fund, formal staffing of public institutions, working opportunities for eligible spouses, and a fully furnished, free apartment with three-bedrooms, a living room and a dining room.

We promise good support. We launched the “1125 Talent Cultivation” initiative to open up the channel for talent growth and support their career development.

We promise a heart-to-heart service. We have a “Five Specials”working service system for talents so as to create a sound environment of respecting talents, valuing talents and taking full use of their advantages.

Education for Teachers and Staff Members Children

The children of our teachers and staff members enjoy a one-stop policy of enrolling them in our affiliated schools. The primary school affiliated to Jiangxi Normal University is one of the top 100 primary schools in China, and the affiliated secondary school is one of the top 100 secondary schools in China and an “excellent source base” for many famous universities such as Peking University and Tsinghua University. The secondary school’s university admission rate has always been among the best of all key middle schools in our province, way ahead in terms of the admission rate of first-tier universities. A great number of students are admitted to world famous universities, and a group of alumni takes the lead in innovation.



Contact Us

Mr./Mrs. Zhang 0791-88120183, 18107086671

Mr./Mrs. Qiu 0791-88120183, 18970842684



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