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The 6th International Young Scholars Forum of Nanchang University

Nanchang University
Nanchang (Locality), Jiangxi (CN)
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Jan 3, 2024

Join Hands to Forge ahead on a New Journey in Nanchang University

 The 6th International Young Scholars Forum of Nanchang University



With the aim of pooling international wisdom to write a new chapter of knowledge, Nanchang University, a national “double first-class” university, will build an international academic atmosphere featuring freedom, openness, innovation and excellence from a higher historical position and a broader vision.

Nanchang University will hold the 6th International Forum of Young Scholars from December 15th to 17th, 2023, providing a platform for young scholars to display talents and exchange ideas. We are looking forward to discussing the global cutting-edge science and technology and innovation achievements with all scholars, and jointly promoting the progress of human society. We hope this forum will witness a collision of knowledge and wisdom, so as to further promote the construction of a world-class university with “Jiangxi impression and China characteristics” and write a new chapter of the cooperation and development between Nanchang University and international academic society.


I. Forum arrangements

Registration Deadline: November 10th, 2023

Invitation: from now until November 15th

Arrival and Check in: December 15th, 2023

Forum: December 16th, 2023  (main forum, sub-forums, etc.)


Ⅱ. Who Are Invited

1. Loving China’s higher education, supporting the leadership of Communist Party of China, abiding by discipline, law, professional ethics, and academic standards.

2. Having obtained doctoral degrees from well-known universities or research institutions at home and abroad, and made certain achievements in the discipline frontier fields with good development potential.

3. Intending to work in Nanchang University full-time.


1. For eligible scholars, please log in the system to register and fill in relevant information: f_id=233&s_id=1161&cj_id_lonely=3600

2. Our university will review the qualifications of the registered scholars and send electronic invitations to those who have passed the review in batches.

3. Invited scholars should fill in the receipt within two weeks after receiving the invitation letter and confirm whether to attend the forum or not.


IV. Recruited Disciplines and Directions

Department of Humanities: Chinese Language and Literature, History, Philosophy, Foreign Languages and Literature, Translation Studies, Journalism and Communication, and Art Studies.

Department of Social Sciences: Law, Intellectual Property, Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics, Business Administration, Statistics, Sociology, Politics, Management Science and Engineering, Information Management, Public Management, Psychology, Tourism Management, Exhibition Economy and Management, Hotel Management, Marxist Theory, CPC History and Development, and Physical Education.

Science & Technology (Division I): Luminescent Materials and Devices, Polymer Materials, Materials and Chemical Engineering, Terahertz Physics and Devices, Gravitation and Theoretical Astrophysics, Ferroelectric Materials and Chemistry, Synthesis and Catalysis, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Space Science and Technology, Energy Materials and Devices, Ultra-High Temperature Materials and Equipment, Information Materials and Devices, Rare Earth Materials, Basic Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Data Science, Condensed Matter Physics, Plasma Physics, Optics, Intelligent Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Material Forming and Control, Vehicle Engineering, Measurement and Control Technology and Instruments, Energy and Power Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Electrical Engineering, Intelligent Technology and Big Data, Software Engineering, Information Security, Cyberspace Security, Data Security and Data Science.

Science & Technology (Division II): Food Science and Engineering, Biology, Botany, Ecology, Aquaculture, Environmental Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Process Equipment and Control Engineering, Resource Recycling Science and Engineering, Mechanics, Civil Engineering, Water Conservancy and Hydro-power Engineering, Carbon Neutrality, Energy-Saving Materials, Green Building, Digital Design, Smart City and Intelligent Construction, Architectural Heritage Protection, Urban and Rural Planning, Regional Planning, Municipal Engineering Planning, Urban and Rural Road Traffic, Rural Construction Research, Industrial Design.

Department of Medicine: Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Cell Biology, Neurobiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Preventive Medicine, Health Statistics, Biology of Genetics and Evolution, Bioinformatics, Pathogenic Organisms and Immunology, Human Structural Development and Pathology, Pathophysiology, Epidemiology, Public Health, Medicinal Chemistry, Biopharmaceuticals, Research on Major Diseases (malignant tumor, cardiovascular disease, digestive system disease, etc).

Special Explanation

1. During the on-site participation, for those outstanding young scholars who are invited to this forum, our university will arrange the accommodation (free of charge) and provide round-trip travel subsidies (economy class airplane ticket or second-class high-speed rail ticket), of which the maximum is 13,000 yuan/person for Europe and America, 7,000 yuan/person for Asia-Pacific and 5,000 yuan/person for China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).

2. Invited young scholars need to prepare academic reports in advance.

V Talents Introduction

(A) Introduction categories

Based on their  professional ability and academic level, the introduced talents are divided into five categories: outstanding talents, discipline leading talents, discipline leaders, discipline outstanding talents and outstanding young doctors.

1. Outstanding talents

Those who possess strong academic leadership, with pioneering achievements and outstanding academic contributions recognized by peers at home and abroad; who possess experience in organizing and planning major scientific research projects, and outstanding overall planning ability in the study of major strategic issues of economic and social development; who possess the planning ability of strategic scientists for discipline construction and scientific research, and the ability to lead related disciplines to maintain or catch up with the domestic leading and international advanced levels.

  • Discipline leading talents

Those who possess strong academic organizational ability with globally influential achievements and good academic achievements in their disciplines; those who possess active academic thinking, the ability to become a leading talent in related fields, creative ideas for the development of disciplines, the ability to lead the discipline into a leading position in China and impact the domestic leading and international advanced level in the frontier fields.

  • Discipline leaders

Those who possess strong team organizational ability important representative achievements in the discipline (specialty) direction, good academic competitiveness and great development potential; those who possess a good plan for the discipline development and innovative ideas for discipline construction and academic research.

4. Discipline outstanding talents

Those who possess strong academic ability and influential representative achievements in the discipline; who possess developmental potential, innovative idea of discipline construction, and the potential to support the discipline to maintain or impact the domestic advanced level.

5. Outstanding young doctors

Those who possess doctoral degree of a national “double first-class” university or a well-known overseas university and excellent educational background at all stages in similar or related majors. 

(B) Introduction Benefits

1. Support from Jiangxi Province: scholars are recommended to apply for talent programs of Jiangxi Province, such as “Double Thousand Plan” and “Jinggang Scholar”. If admitted, certain project funding and talent subsidies will be provided.

2. Support from Nanchang City: a one-time living allowance of 100,000 yuan for employment, housing and renting will be provided; for those who firstly move their registered permanent residence to Nanchang (including corporate registered permanent residence), a settlement reward of 5,000 yuan/person will be provided.

3. Support from Nanchang University: the policy of “One Discussion over Each Person”, sufficient research funding, a set of relocation housing, working opportunities for eligible spouses will be provided; high-quality basic education resources will be provided, including kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools affiliated to Nanchang University, which are located all over Nanchang, with high-quality educational resources and services for the children of our faculty and staff; the high-quality medical security and services from the 3A hospital affiliated to our university will be provided.

More details:

VI. Contacts

Contacts: Mr. Yang or Chen

Tel: +86-791-83969074


Address: No.999 Xuefu Avenue, Honggutan New District, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province

Ⅶ. About NCU

Located in Nanchang City, a famous historical and cultural city in China, Nanchang University is a national “double first-class” university, the only national “211 Project” university in Jiangxi Province, and a university co-constructed by the Ministry of Education and Jiangxi Province.

Taking talents asa the most fundamental resource, Nanchang University has always given high priority to the strategy of building the university into a world-class university through talent development. It  has five faculties, namely Humanities, Social Sciences, Science & Technology (Division I), Science & Technology (Division II), and Medicine.It has 132 undergraduate programs with 12 disciplines categories, 3 national key (fostering) disciplines, 22 first-level subjects with doctor’s degree authorization, 3 categories of doctor’s professional degree authorization, 11 postdoctoral scientific research stations; 49 first-level subjects with master’s degree authorization, and 35 categories of master’s professional degree authorization. Nanchang University has 5 affiliated hospitals, and 9 national clinical key specialist disciplines. Materials and Engineering was selected as a national “double-first-class” construction subject and 6 disciplines were selected as the provincial first-class disciplines. 12 disciplines rank among the first 1% of ESI in the world, among which Agricultural Science (mainly Food Science) ranks the top 0.577 ‰ of the global ranking; Food Science ranks 7th in the “ Best Global Universities” by US News.


Nanchang University has outstanding faculty, excellent scientific research strength and advanced research instruments. We will do our best to provide a good academic and comfortable living environment for young scholars attending the forum. In addition, as a famous historical and cultural city in China, Nanchang has rich tourism resources and unique cultural landscape waiting for your exploration.

Let’s work together to inspire each other and jointly promote academic prosperity. Let’s contribute to solving the major problems facing the world through in-depth exchanges and cooperation. Nanchang University is looking forward to your visit. Let’s write a brilliant chapter of academic development together!


A Century-old University is waiting for you.

Let’s create a shared future together!

Welcome to Nanchang University!


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