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Associate Professor(tenure-track) or Lecturer(tenure-track)

Waseda University Waseda Center for a Carbon Neutral Society
Tokyo (JP)
$27,000 per year + benefits ~$95,000 per year
Closing date
Dec 31, 2023

1. Content of job information

【Number of positions】

【Position of employment】
Associate Professor(tenure-track) or Lecturer(tenure-track)

【Start date of employment】
24th September 2024

【Term of employment】
From 24th September 2024 to 23th September 2027 (3 years)

 After the expiration of the term, reappointment may be made for a period not exceeding two years. However, the total period of continuous employment as a tenure-track faculty member may not exceed seven years. For details, please refer to “Tenuretrack Position" below.
 The individual will be subject to an upper limit on their period of continuous employment if the following two conditions apply: 1) regardless of employment status, the individual has had an employment contract with the university subsequent to April 2013 and 2) has not ceased employment with the university for a period of six months or longer prior to the hiring date for this position. Therefore, in some cases, the statements above may not apply with regard to the contract period and the availability and duration of reappointment. In addition, depending on the continuous duration of an individual's employment contract, there may be cases in which the individual will not be considered eligible for selection for the tenure-track position).

The position expected to be entitled will be indicated during the interview, according to comprehensive assessment of research and
educational achievements. You will be given the title “Tingyi Endowed Chair”

【Tenure-track Position】
 A tenure track faculty member is a faculty member who has limited employment period. A couple of assessments are carried out to Applicants and those who pass the assessments areentitled to acquire tenure position whereas those who do not
have their employ period ended when the term of employment is expired.
 Assessment criteria necessary for being employed as a tenure faculty member will be informed when your position is offered.
 As a general rule, the interim review shall be carried out in the second semester of their third year. If a tenure-track faculty member passes the interim review, their first
reappointment period of two years as well as right proceed to the final review shall be entitled before the end of the initial appointment. If not, reappointment period of two years only will be entitled in the case they desire.
 The final review shall be carried out in the second semester of their forth year. If a tenure-track faculty member passes the final review, the faculty member will become a tenured
faculty member after the reappointment period (the fifth year) is expired. If not, further reappointment period of two years may be granted to the tenure-track faculty member in the case they desire.

【Main responsibilities (expected)】
(1) Research and educational activities at the Center in general
(2) Lectures on carbon neutral subjects provided by the Center
(3) Operations associated with the operation of the Waseda Center for a Carbon Neutral Society
(4) Research guidance for undergraduate and graduate students at the department of Electrical Engineering and Bioscience
(5) Other duties necessary for the centre

【Place of work】
Mainly Waseda campuses or Nishiwaseda campus

2. Research field
Research fields that can contribute to solving both the technical and social issues that lead to carbon neutral society are required and shown below. To achieve carbon neutrality in 2050, it is necessary not only to reduce energy consumption but create a smart society.
In order to achieve this, it will be necessary to realise a sustainable society as well as carbon neutrality by solving global and Japan-specific social issues such as climate change,
energy issues, and population decline.
For the reasons above, Applicants who have strong motivation in collabolational research with other faculty members from perspective of the fusion of a variety of different research
fields such as social science, humanities and natural science are required.

An example of research fields:
basic biology, applied biology, materials science, device engineering, informatics, control engineering, energy systems and mobility.

3.Job type
Associate Professor/Lecturer (full-time) 

4.Employment status

5. Work location

Kanto district - Tokyo

(1) Hold a doctoral degree and those who have excellent achievements in the fields of carbon neutrality and are motivated to carry out research and education in order to solve social issues with perspective of the fusion of a variety of different research fields such as social science, humanities and natural science.
(2) Hold a strong motivation for research and education which lead to academia-industry collaboration
(3) Those who have no tenure-track teaching experience at Waseda university
(4) Enough Japanese skill for work


【Working conditions】

(1) Working hours
Regular working days and working hours (starting and ending times, rest periods) shall be in accordance with Waseda University regulations. The discretionary labor system for professional work (8 hours of deemed work per day) will apply, and decisions on the means of performing work duties and time
allocation for research will, due to the nature of research work, be left to the discretion of the individual.

(2) Salary, allowances, and commuting expenses
As prescribed in the Waseda University regulations.

(3) Holidays
These are Saturdays, Sundays, year-end and New Year holidays, national holidays, compensatory holidays when classes are held on some national holidays, and the Anniversary of the University
Founding. However, this excludes days on which the university has determined in advance that classes will be held.

(4) Leave
Leave as stipulated by the Labor Standards Act and other relevantlaws and regulations, and days specifically designated by the university.

(5) Social insurance
Employees will take out Employees' Pension Insurance, Health Insurance, Workers' Compensation Insurance, and Employment Insurance.

(6) Severance / retirement benefits
Not paid. However, if the individual is hired as a tenured faculty member subsequently, the retirement allowance for fulltime faculty members is available and is calculated from their date of appointment as a tenure-track faculty member.

【The measures against second-hand smoking in your workplace.】
Smoking is not permitted on the Waseda University campus except in designated outdoor smoking areas.

8. Application period
From 1st December 2023 to 31th December 2023 (Application must be submitted by 12pm in Japan time)

9. Application/selection/notification of result/contact details

Application will not be accepted in the case of submission with wrong form.(1)Resume and (2)List of educational and research achievement must be submitted with designated form by WASEDA.

Combine all application documents (1) to (7) into a single file, such as a Zip file, and send it from the JREC-IN Portal site.
(1) Resume (by Waseda University format)
(2) List of educational and research achievements (by Waseda University format)
(3) Please indicate three major academic works on the list of research achievement.
(4) Proof of the award of the last degree (copy of a diploma or a certificate of degree conferral)
(5) Overview of research to date and future research plans
(6) Aspirations for research and educational activities at the Center
(7) Names and contact information (address, phone number, email address) of two people who can contact applicants

※For (1) and (2), please use the prescribed format, and for the others, please prepare the application documents in any format and submit them as an electronic file.
※If you cannot send the application form from the JREC-IN Portal site, please send the application documents as an e-mail attachment to the following e-mail address.

Waseda Center for a Carbon Neutral Society
TEL: 03-6205-6775
*Please make the subject line of your e-mail inquiry “Inquiry regarding the recruitment of full-time or tenure-track faculty members."
*Please understand that we are unable to respond to any inquiries regarding selection results.

【Selection procedure and notification of results】
Applicants who pass the preliminary screening based on the application documents submitted will be selected for an interview.
Applicants who are selected for an interview will be notified of the date, time, and location of the interview around the end of March 2024 by e-mail.

(1) Applications will be kept strictly confidential (however, applicants are assumed to have given their consent to be contacted by unencrypted email, including notification of acceptance or rejection).
(2) Transportation and accommodation expenses for the interview will not be provided.

10.Additional information
Waseda University is working to promote diversity and inclusion.
We have established a policy not to discriminate in any way on
the basis of gender, disability, sexual orientation and
gender identity, nationality, ethnicity, creed, or age in
the hiring or promotion of faculty members.

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