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Postdoctoral Fellows

Rutgers University EOHSI
Piscataway, New Jersey
Commensurate with experience and location
Closing date
Dec 27, 2023

The Integrated Transporter Elucidation Center (InTEC) is a consortium between multiple universities to advance our understanding of how placental transporters impact the disposition of endobiotics, xenobiotics, and overall pregnancy health. Funded by NICHD, InTEC utilizes novel technologies to profile the SLC and ABC transporter proteome, predict and validate novel substrates and regulators of placental transport, and simulate maternal-fetal disposition using a vascularized placenta-on-a-chip. Each site within InTEC is hiring postdoctoral fellows to participate in this consortium. 

  • Rutgers University is looking for a postdoctoral fellow to perform transport assays using an array of in vitro cellular models as well as work with unique datasets from a US-based birth cohort to identify regulators of the placental transporter proteome. Doctoral degrees in pharmacology, toxicology, biochemistry, molecular biology, or epidemiology are welcome.
  • The University of Pennsylvania is hiring a postdoctoral fellow to develop bioengineering technologies for in vitro modeling and in-depth analysis of placental transport in human pregnancy. The proposed work will use a novel vascularized placenta-on-a-chip model to emulate and investigate transport of nutrients, dietary supplements, drugs, and environmental toxicants across the maternal-fetal interface in the human placenta. Doctoral degrees and research background in bioengineering or related areas are welcome.
  • Tulane University is recruiting a postdoctoral fellow to advance machine learning models that evaluate novel substrate and inhibitor interactions with SLC and ABC transporters in the placenta. The fellow will capitalize on big data sets curated across multiple sources to ensure rich data for model development and validation. Doctoral degrees in computer science, bioinformatics and other related areas are welcome.
  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is recruiting postdoctoral fellows to their adult and pediatric T32 Clinical Pharmacology training programs to prepare MD or PharmD clinician-scientists, or PhD scientists with relevant training (e.g., pharmacology, toxicology, biochemistry, molecular biology) for research careers in clinical pharmacology. The fellow will focus on advancing novel transporter proteomics that profile SLC and ABC proteins in healthy and diseased placentas as well as extracellular vesicles across trimesters.

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