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Postdoctoral Position in Neuroscience: Memory, Perception, and Predictive Processing

Harvard Medical School - Department of Neurobiology - Garner Lab
Boston, Massachusetts (US)
starting at $65,000 + benefits
Closing date
Feb 14, 2024

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Life Sciences, Neuroscience, Physiology
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Full Time
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Two postdoctoral positions are available in the laboratory of Dr. Aleena R. Garner at Harvard Medical School in the Department of Neurobiology to conduct research in one of three areas:

1) Circuit mechanisms of multisensory perception and the role of long-range projections in cortex.

2) The neural circuitry and computations that underly how the brain’s internal models of the world and stored memories interact with incoming sensory information to create perceptions and predictions.

3) Neural pathways that allow an animal to move in response to sensory stimulation and plasticity in these pathways that can be manipulated to alleviate neurodegenerative diseases and neurodevelopmental disorders.


The Garner lab uses mice and makes use of many techniques in chemistry, biology, optics, computer science, behavior, and psychology to address our questions. We engineer virtual realities for empirical control of animals’ worlds and sensory environments and use an array of genetic approaches to tag, monitor, and manipulate neural circuits. We use 2-photon calcium imaging to probe neural dynamics as animals perceive, learn, and move their bodies.

Harvard Medical School (HMS) is a vibrant, interactive community with many opportunities for career support and wellness for postdocs (for more info. see HMS compensates postdoctoral fellows using an internal pay scale based on years of experience, starting at $65,000 at Level 0.

Required Qualifications

  • Experience in 2-photon imaging, wide field imaging, or electrophysiology
  • Programming proficiency in Matlab, Python, or Labview
  • Experience working with animals for research

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in immunohistochemistry and confocal imaging
  • Experience working with live rodents
  • Experience in stereotaxic surgeries
  • Experience working with genetically modified viruses

Please include a CV or résumé and cover letter (one page max) describing 1) your experience in physiology, 2) programming languages in which you have experience and your fluency, 3) why you are interested in this position.

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