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Taiyuan University of Technology's 2023 Invitation to Domestic and Foreign Talents

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Taiyuan, Shanxi (CN)
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Apr 29, 2023

Taiyuan University of Technology is a century institution with a long history, profound heritage and distinctive characteristics, located in Taiyuan, a national historical and cultural city with a history of more than 2,500 years. Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT) can trace its origin to the Western Learning School, Shanxi Grand Academy, established in 1902 as one of the earliest three universities in China’s higher education history. Having developed through many different stages, TYUT has successively used many names: Engineering Department of Shanxi Grand University; School of Engineering, Shanxi University; becoming independent in 1953, Taiyuan Institute of Technology was under direct administration of Ministry of Higher Education; handed back to Shanxi Province in 1962; Taiyuan University of Technology in 1984; merging Shanxi Institute of Mining in 1997, which was founded in 1958 by Ministry of Coal, then new Taiyuan University of Technology; included in “211” Project the same year, a national higher education promotion program for the 21st century. In 2017, the school was selected as a national "Double First-class" key construction university, ushering in a new period of development. For more than 100 years, the school has always adhered to the school motto of "truth-seeking and innovative", adhered to the school-running tradition of "people-oriented, cultural and sports as the boat, carrying morality and wisdom, and all-round development", demonstrated the spiritual temperament of "daring to be the first, daring to compete, and daring to innovate", and emerged a group of academic masters, industry leaders and moral models, such as the famous educator Zhao Zongfu, the "father of PetroChina" Sun Jianchu, China's "precambrian geology pioneer and founder" Wang Yuelun, circular arc gear expert Zhu Jingzi, "one of the pioneers in the field of coal chemical science and technology" Xie Kechang, "model intellectual" Luan Ming, "grassland servant" Yun Bulong, etc., profoundly interpret the noble pursuit of the century-old school of "educating talents from all over the world and educating a new generation to serve the country".




The school focuses on engineering, combines science and engineering, and coordinates multidisciplinary development, covering 8 categories such as science, engineering, economics, law, education, literature, management, and art, and has 24 professional colleges and 1 Sino-foreign cooperative school. At present, there are four campuses in Mingxiang, Yingxi, Huyu and Berlin, covering an area of 2.13 million square meters and a total construction area of 1.69 million square meters. Up to now, the school has 40,311 full-time students, 475 international students, and 4,039 faculty and staff. At present, there are 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 10 dual-appointment academicians, 8 distinguished (chair) professors of the "Yangtze River Scholars Award Program" of the Ministry of Education, 9 winners of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars, and 17 national candidates of the "New Century Millions of Talents Project". The school was selected as a pilot university of the national "three comprehensive education" comprehensive reform and top 50 universities in innovation and entrepreneurship, and won the title of the first batch of "National Civilized Campus".




The school closely focuses on the "student-centered" school philosophy, adheres to the fundamental task of cultivating morality and cultivating people and the goal of building a first-class university, and is committed to cultivating socialist builders and successors with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor. At present, 21 majors of the school have passed the international engineering education professional certification, and 30 majors have been selected as national first-class undergraduate professional construction points; Various innovative teams have repeatedly achieved good results in domestic and foreign competitions, and the results of college student discipline competitions have ranked among the top 50 universities in China; In 2021, it won 4 gold awards in the 7th China International "Internet +" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, ranking 9th in the national university gold medal ranking; The "Qingze Heart Rain" ideological and political platform was approved as a high-quality project of ideological and political work in colleges and universities of the Ministry of Education, and "Screw House" was selected as a national demonstration site for learning from Lei Feng. The school attaches great importance to and strives to build an all-round and multi-level sports work pattern and a positive and healthy campus cultural atmosphere, and has achieved remarkable results in competitive sports, and is the only university in China that has won two national championships in men's basketball and men's football.




The school has strong scientific research strength and outstanding achievements, and has undertaken the National Key Basic Research and Development Program (973 Program) projects twice in a row as the chief scientist unit, and has undertaken a total of 1634 national-level projects such as the "863" Program and the "National Key Research and Development Program"; Won 42 national science and technology three awards. The university has 1 state key laboratory jointly established by the province and the ministry, 4 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, 2 innovation teams of the Ministry of Education, and 1 innovation team in key fields of the Ministry of Science and Technology. In recent years, the school has strived to build an intellectual engine that serves the national and regional economic and social development, and has created more than 10 billion yuan in economic benefits for local and industry enterprises in terms of achievement transformation and technology transfer.


"Beside the Fenhe River, an excellent university". Guided by the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinpeng, the university will not forget its original intention, keep its mission in mind, take promoting social progress, realizing national prosperity and strength, and seeking human well-being as its own responsibility, and unswervingly move forward towards the goal of building a comprehensive research-oriented high-level first-class university.


Taiyuan University of Technology warmly invites domestic and foreign talents to join Taiyuan University of Technology!


1、 Recruitment position


There are seven levels: academic masters, outstanding talents, leading talents, academic leaders, elite talents, young talents and innovative talents.


2、 Recruitment conditions


1. Abide by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, have good scientific ethics, and consciously practice the spirit of scientists in the new era;

2. Achieve scientific research achievements recognized by peer experts.

3. Professor, associate professor and postdoctoral researcher of high-level universities at home and abroad; Connect with the enterprise leading talents and technical backbone urgently needed by the 14 major industries in Shanxi Province; Other high-level talents with equivalent academic level can apply.


3、 Treatment


Talent category:Academic master(Level 1)


Annual salary:discuss personally


Subsidy for settling down:discuss personally


Scientific research start-up funds:discuss personally


Other treatment:discuss personally




Talent category:Outstanding talents(Level 2)


Annual salary:1.2 million yuan


Subsidy for settling down:3 million yuan


Scientific research start-up funds:6 million yuan for engineering,3 million yuan for science,1.5 million yuan for liberal arts


Other treatment:Properly solve spouse's work and children's enrollment




Talent category:Leading talents(Level 3)


Annual salary:800000 yuan


Subsidy for settling down:2 million yuan


Scientific research start-up funds:4 million yuan for engineering,2 million yuan for science,1.2 million yuan for liberal arts


Other treatment:Properly solve spouse's work and children's enrollment




Talent category:Academic leader(Level 4)


Annual salary:600000 yuan


Subsidy for settling down:1.2 million yuan


Scientific research start-up funds:3 million yuan for engineering,1.5 million yuan for science,1 million yuan for liberal arts


Other treatment:Properly solve spouse's work and children's enrollment




Talent category:Elite talents(Level 5)


Annual salary:400000 yuan


Subsidy for settling down:1 million yuan


Scientific research start-up funds:1.5 million yuan for engineering,800000 yuan for science,500000 yuan for liberal arts


Other treatment:Direct appointment as associate professor,Properly solve spouse's work and children's enrollment




Talent category:Young talents(Level 6)


Annual salary:350000 yuan


Subsidy for settling down:800000 yuan


Scientific research start-up funds:500000 yuan for engineering,400000 yuan for science,200000 yuan for liberal arts


Other treatment:Direct appointment as associate professor




Talent category:Innovative talents(Level 7)


Annual salary:200000 to 300000 yuan


Subsidy for settling down:600000 yuan


Scientific research start-up funds:400000 yuan


Other treatment:Non






4、 Recruitment method


The applicant must log in to the "high-level talent introduction system of Taiyuan University of Technology", After registration and login, submit your resume and other relevant materials according to the introduction process.




Contact information




College (key research institution):College of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering


Contacts:Teacher Zhao


Contact information:03516014008




College (key research institution):School of Materials Science and Engineering


Contacts:Teacher Yan


Contact information:03516014940




College (key research institution):School of Electrical and Power Engineering


Contacts:Teacher Zhou


Contact information:03513176518




College (key research institution):School of Information and Computer


Contacts:Teacher Zhao


Contact information:03513176513




College (key research institution):Software College


Contacts:Teacher Zhao


Contact information:03513176810




College (key research institution):School of Civil Engineering


Contacts:Teacher Wang


Contact information:03516010082




College (key research institution):School of Architecture


Contacts:Teacher Liu


Contact information:03516010801


Email:477659420@qq. com




College (key research institution):College of Water Conservancy Science and Engineering


Contacts:Teacher Zhang


Contact information:03516010102




College (key research institution):College of Chemical Engineering and Technology


Contacts:Teacher Li


Contact information:03516010111




College (key research institution):College of Chemistry


Contacts:Teacher Shi


Contact information:03515699799




College (key research institution):School of Mining Engineering


Contacts:Teacher Li


Contact information:03516018893




College (key research institution):College of Light and Textile Engineering


Contacts:Teacher Du


Contact information:03513176555




College (key research institution):college of art


Contacts:Teacher Qi


Contact information:03513176567


Email:21019544©qq. com




College (key research institution):School of Environmental Science and Engineering


Contacts:Teacher Zhang


Contact information:03513176585




College (key research institution):School of Mathematics


Contacts:Teacher Cai


Contact information:03513176605




College (key research institution):College of Optoelectronic Engineering


Contacts:Teacher Hao


Contact information:03513176636




College (key research institution):School of Physics


Contacts:Teacher Zhang


Contact information:03513176639




College (key research institution):School of Biomedical Engineering


Contacts:Teacher Liu


Contact information:03513176655




College (key research institution):College of Grammar and Law


Contacts:Teacher Xie


Contact information:03513176775




College (key research institution):School of Marxism


Contacts:Teacher Su


Contact information:03513176679




College (key research institution):College of Foreign Languages


Contacts:Teacher Wang


Contact information:03513176683




College (key research institution):School of Economics and Management


Contacts:Teacher Dai


Contact information:03513176715


Email:871959233@qq. com




College (key research institution):Physical Education Institute


Contacts:Teacher Song


Contact information:03513176727




College (key research institution):Big Data College


Contacts:Teacher Wang


Contact information:03513176793




College (key research institution):School of Safety and Emergency Management Engineering


Contacts:Teacher Ge


Contact information:03513176858




College (key research institution):Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics


Contacts:Teacher Wang


Contact information:18234193610




College (key research institution):Key Laboratory of Coal Science and Technology, Ministry of Education


Contacts:Teacher Li


Contact information:03516018080




College (key research institution):Key Laboratory of New Sensors and Intelligent Control, Ministry of Education


Contacts:Teacher Yang


Contact information:03516010938




College (key research institution):Key Laboratory of New Material Interface Science and Engineering, Ministry of Education


Contacts:Teacher Fan


Contact information:03516014852




College (key research institution):Academician team/key laboratory of the Ministry of Education jointly established by the provincial and ministerial departments of in-situ modified mining


Contacts:Teacher Wang


Contact information:03516014863




College (key research institution):Academician team/Advanced Molding and Intelligent Equipment Research Institute


Contacts:Teacher Wang


Contact information:18735170186




College (key research institution):Academician team/Shanxi Coal Mine Intelligent Equipment Engineering Research Center


Contacts:Teacher Geng


Contact information:13753134679






Contact information of talent work office


Contact: Teacher Wu Tel: 0351-3176892


Address: Room B1006, Administrative Building, Mingxiang Campus, Taiyuan University of Technology





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