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Faculty Positions at SUSTech School of Medicine

SUSTech School of Medicine
Shenzhen, Guangdong (CN)
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Oct 7, 2022

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Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is a public research university funded by Shenzhen city. Widely regarded as a pioneer and innovator in collectively moving China’s higher education forward to match China’s ever-growing role in the international arena, SUSTech aspires to be a globally-renowned university that contributes significantly to the advancement of science and technology by excelling in interdisciplinary research, nurturing future creative leaders and creating knowledge for the world. Located in Shenzhen, one of the fastest-growing cities in China and the country’s window to the world, SUSTech enjoys strong connections with leading companies in China and renowned universities around the world.

The School of Medicine of Southern University of Science and Technology was formally established in 2018. Based in Shenzhen, the School is positioned to be a first-class and research-oriented medical school, which promotes international collaborations and integration of science, engineering, medicine and humanities. It aims to foster leading medical talents who have international vision, pioneering spirit, innovative ability, ethical integrity and professional competence. Its primary mission is to explore medical unknowns, lead first-class research, promote medical development, pursue outstanding medical technology/medical care, and provide high-quality clinical services. It strives not only to carry out excellent medical education and cultivate qualified doctors, but also to develop world-class research, explore and discover new knowledge and fields, and provide top-notch clinical service with high-end technologies and humanistic care.

The school has been approved by the university to establish eight departments at this time, of which the Department of Medical Neurosciences, the Department of Pharmacology, the Department of Biochemistry and the Department of Human Cell Biology and Genetics have their department directors in place. Two undergraduate programs-clinical medicine and biomedical science have been established, and graduate students are enrolled in biology at master and doctoral levels. There are currently 139 undergraduates and 257 postgraduates at the school.

Public health and emergency management is one major discipline of School of Medicine. It serves as an important deployment for SUSTech and Shenzhen Health Commission to address major global public health challenges, respond to the “Healthy China” Strategy, and support the fulfillment of people’s healthcare needs. It is committed to building an integrated public health and emergency management education system with interdisciplinary studies in “medicine, education, research, prevention, and management”, which focus on disciplinary development in Prevention and Control of Infectious and Emerging Infectious Diseases, Microbiology for Public Health, Chronic Disease Prevention and Smart Health Management, Nutrition and Food Safety, Environmental Health and Public Health Emergency Management, as well as building research centers in Innovative Application of Big Data in Healthcare and Global Health.

As of March 2022, there are totally 266 staff members (including visiting scholars) at the School of Medicine, among whom 178 are faculty and staff. There is one academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, five chair professors, eight professors, eight associate professors, 13 assistant professors, three teaching professors, one associate teaching professor, one associate research professor and 17 assistant research professors. There are also 34 postdoctoral fellows.

The School of Medicine has established the Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Cellular Micro-environment and Disease Research, Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Cardiovascular Health and Precision Medicine (preparation initiated), the Center for Pain Medicine of SUSTech, and P2 Biosafety Laboratory of School of Medicine. In its short history, the school has made outstanding achievements in research, which continues to grow rapidly. As of December 31, 2021, the school published a total of 336 SCI research articles, had 96 research projects (including 41 national level research projects) with academic grants of 105.269 million yuan.

There are so far 10 hospitals affiliated with or collaborating with the School of Medicine. They include four affiliated hospitals – First Affiliated Hospital of SUSTech (Shenzhen People’s Hospital), Second Affiliated Hospital of SUSTech (The Third People’s Hospital of Shenzhen), Hospital of SUSTech and the hospital at the main campus of SUSTech (under construction). Yantian Hospital of SUSTech (Shenzhen Yantian District People’s Hospital) is a hospital jointly built by SUSTech and Yantian District. The school also jointly established the “Clinical Teaching Hospital of SUSTech” with Cancer Hospital (Shenzhen) of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and the Mental Health Center with Shenzhen Kangning Hospital. In addition, the School of Medicine has signed teaching and research collaboration agreements with Shenzhen Children's Hospital, Shenzhen Maternity & Child Healthcare Hospital, and Peking University Shenzhen Hospital.  

The affiliated hospitals have capable faculty resources. There are 479 people with senior professional titles and 939 people with associate senior titles. There are 37 doctoral supervisors, 165 master supervisors, 375 postdoctoral fellows, and six persons subsidized by the National Science Fund for (Overseas) Excellent Young Scholars. There are 12 academic leaders assuming the office of vice-chairmen or higher positions at national professional societies. The School of Medicine established an interconnected relationship of medicine, teaching, and research with affiliated hospitals. Specific clinical teaching and research offices and platforms have been started. Professional committees have been established, with the dean of the School of Medicine and the chief executives of the first and second affiliated hospitals as directors. Under their leadership, effort is currently made to apply for the master and doctoral programs of clinical medicine at the School of Medicine.

Basic medical experimental teaching centers have been founded, including the Morphology Teaching Laboratory, Molecular Medicine Teaching Laboratory, Kinesiology and Pharmacology Teaching Laboratory, Immunology Teaching Laboratory, Medical Microbiology Teaching Laboratory, VR Experiment Teaching Center, Intelligent Medical Experiment Teaching Center as well as the Virtual Simulation Teaching Platform and etc., which are used to carry out comprehensive and innovative experiments. Experimental courses include cellular and molecular immunity (cell, genetic, biochemical, immunological, microbial) experiments, morphology (anatomy, histology and embryology, pathology), kinesiology (physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology), and virtual simulation experiment teaching and intelligent medical practice.

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Job Openings

  1. Outstanding Faculty (Chair Professor / Professor)  
  2. Young Faculty (Associate / Assistant professor)  

We seek talents in the following fields: public health and emergency management, medical neurosciences, pharmacology, biochemistry, and human cell biology and genetics.

Job Qualifications

  1. Outstanding Faculty (Chair Professor / Professor): Internationally recognized tenured professor or associate professor with outstanding academic and professional accomplishments from well-known universities or research institutions or other highly respected academic settings.  
  2. Young Faculty (Associate / Assistant professor): Doctoral degree obtained from internationally renowned universities and institutes; or Ph.D. degrees from Chinese universities and more than 36 months of continuous overseas work experience, with a formal teaching or research position in well-known overseas universities and research institutes.


  1. Salary: Globally competitive salary; Preferential policy of individual income tax: income tax of highly qualified individual will be compensated by local government to a maximum of 15%.  
  2. Research funds:decision made case by case.  
  3. Eligible to participate in the postgraduate enrollment of Biology and Clinical Medicine as a tutor under the unified management of the university.
  4. Insurances: Shenzhen’s highest level of retirement insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing provident funds. Special high-level health insurance is negotiable.  
  5. Housing and subsidies: Temporary on-campus apartments provided or subsidies to support off-campus rental housing. The university will assist in applying for the corresponding support programs according to the national, provincial and municipal policies. Successful personnel will receive the relevant project funding / reward.  
  6. Other benefits: Permanent residence or resident visa service for scholars and family (spouse and children) for those who hold foreign visas; The university will assist in obtaining children’s education enrollment and spouse’s employment.  

How to Apply

Please submit your complete CV and research plan to the mailbox, or to the mailbox for public health disciplines, entitled “Job Application - Outstanding Faculty/Young Faculty – Name” (please choose one from these two positions) for evaluation.

Contact Information

Mrs. Wang  

Tel: +86-755-88018031  


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