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Sincere Invitation to Young Talents to an International Medical Forum in Beijing

Capital Medical University
Beijing (CN)
Salary will be comparable and competitive to international standards
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Oct 20, 2022

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The Biomedical Parallel Forum of Beijing International Youth Forum on Innovation and Development & the Third International Young Scholars Forum of Capital Medical University is a forum for scholars of life sciences and medicine, which aims to build a platform for academic exchange and academic achievement display for outstanding young scholars from home and abroad. This Forum was initiated in 2020 and has achieved great acclaim.

This year the Forum will be held online with a variety of forms. Through keynote presentations and sub-forum sessions, the Forum will focus on the academic frontiers and hot topics, expand academic views, and facilitate scholarly exchange and cooperation, so as to deeply expand the integration and development of the medical and health fields in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, contributing to the construction of Healthy China and Healthy Beijing.  



Beijing Overseas Talents Center

Capital Medical University


Tianjin Medical University

Hebei Medical University


Themed as “CMU as the Hub of Talented Fellow Scholars in Medicine”, the Forum consists of 1 main forum and 28 sub-forums.  



Time for the Main Forum and its Opening Ceremony

October 18, 2022 (Beijing Time)

Time for Sub Forums

October 18-20,2022 (Beijing Time)



Application Requirements

I. Recruited Talents

1. Have passion for the cause of higher education in China, abide by Chinese laws and regulations, and observe professional ethics and academic norms;

2. Promising young scholars who have obtained or are about to obtain a doctoral degree and who have studied or worked overseas for at least three years with impressive academic achievements; or excellent young scholars who have obtained a doctoral degree in China with outstanding academic achievements and great potential.

II. International Post-docs

1. Foreign doctoral graduates; 

2. With a doctorate grant from the world's top 100 universities in ARWU for recent 3 years;

3. Having made outstanding academic achievements during PhD study.

How to Apply

Applicants Interested scholars are welcome to scan the QR code below to register. After successful registration, log in to the online registration system ( )to complete the online registration before September 5, 2022. Forum Invitations will be sent to eligible applicants in registration system by September 30, 2022 after comprehensive assess and evaluation by sub-forum co-organizers. Please check the system messages in time.



Forum communication                        International post-docs


Support Policy

I. Capital Medical University(CMU)

1. The Main Campus

Talents recruited by the University:

Research start-up funding: no less than 5 million CNY for young talents, and no less than 8 million CNY for other talents.

Annual salary before tax: 400,000 CNY~600,000 CNY for young talents, and no less than 600,000 CNY for others;

Housing subsidy: 3 million CNY~5 million CNY.

Talents recruited by schools:

Research start-up funding: 1.5 million CNY~3 million CNY for professors, 500,000 CNY for associate professors;

Salary: based on the salary standard of the corresponding position;

Housing subsidy: 1 million CNY for professors and 500,000 CNY for associate professors.

International post-docs

Annual funding: 500,000 CNY for 2 consecutive years.

2.Clinical Medical Schools

Each clinical medical school can refer to the above standard of the Main Campus in recruiting talents. The specific terms will be negotiated with each clinical medical school.

II. Tianjin Medical University (TMU)

1. The Main Campus

Top talents:

Research start-up funding: no less than 3 million CNY based on corresponding position, with the topmost no less than 10 million CNY;

Annual salary before tax: 700,000 CNY~1.5 million CNY, which can be negotiated during the personal interview;

Housing subsidy: 2 million CNY ~5 million CNY (including Tianjin Special Funding).

Young talents:

Research start-up funding: based on corresponding position, with the topmost no less than 3 million CNY;

Annual salary before tax: 350,000 CNY~700,000 CNY;

Housing subsidy: 300,000 CNY~1.5 million CNY.


Annual salary before tax: no less than 250,000 CNY for first-level positions, and no less than 200,000 CNY for second-level positions;

Research performance: entitled to a bonus pay of 50,000 CNY per year during the appointment term.

Other unspecified fund can be discussed during the job interview.

2. Affiliated Hospitals

Each affiliated hospital can refer to the above standard of the Main Campus in recruiting talents. The specific terms can be negotiated with each affiliated hospital.

III. Hebei Medical University(HMU)

1. High-level Talents

Research start-up funding: 1 million CNY ~6 million CNY;

Annual salary before tax: 200,000 CNY~1 million CNY;

Housing subsidy: 800,000 CNY~2 million CNY.

The support policy for talents with special achievements depends on the specific conditions.

2. Young Scholars with a doctoral degree

Terms may vary according to the needs of the discipline and the overall performance before coming to the University. The housing subsidy ranges from 50,000 CNY to 500,000 CNY. Post-docs are provided with research start-up funds ranging from 100,000 CNY to 300,000 CNY. Outstanding talents will receive remuneration by the annual salary system.


Contact Information

I. Beijing Overseas Talents Center

Contact: Teacher Wang

Tel: +86-10-58540526  +86-18611091381



II. Office of Human Resources, Capital Medical University

Contact: Teacher Wu, Teacher Kang, Teacher Jin

Tel: +86-10-83911971,+86-10-83916571,+86-10-83911970


Welcome Overseas Medical Talents to Capital Medical University Online!


Brief Introduction of Capital Medical University

Founded in 1960, Capital Medical University (CMU) is a key institution of higher education under the joint leadership of Beijing Municipal Government, National Health Commission and Ministry of Education. The current Secretary of Party Committee is Research Fellow HU Wenliang and the President is the renowned molecular neurobiologist Professor RAO Yi.

CMU consists of 11 Schools (School of Basic Medical Sciences, School of Pharmaceutical sciences, School of Public Health, School of Nursing, School of Biomedical Engineering, School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, School of Medical Humanities, School of General Practice and Continuing Education, School of Marxism, International School, Yan Jing Medical College) and 1 research center (Center for Brain Disorders, CMU).

CMU has 21 clinical medical schools (among which 19 are affiliated hospitals). They are CMU Xuanwu Hospital (No.1 Clinical Medical School), Beijing Friendship Hospital (No.2 Clinical Medical School), Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital (No.3 Clinical Medical School), Beijing Tongren Hospital (No.4 Clinical Medical School), Beijing Tiantan Hospital (No.5 Clinical Medical School), Beijing Anzhen Hospital (No.6 Clinical Medical School), Fuxing Hospital (No.8 Clinical Medical School), Beijing You-An Hospital (No.9 Clinical Medical School), Beijing Chest Hospital (No.10 Clinical Medical School), Sanbo Brain Hospital (No.11 Clinical Medical School), Beijing Ditan Hospital (No.12 Clinical Medical School), Beijing Children’s Hospital (School of Pediatrics), Beijing Stomatological Hospital (School of Stomatology), Beijing Anding Hospital (School of Mental Health), Beijing Obstetrics and Genecology Hospital (School of Obstetrics and Genecology), Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Clinical School of Traditional Chinese Medicine), Beijing Shijitan Hospital (School of Oncology), Beijing Rehabilitation Hospital (Beijing Rehabilitation School) , Beijing Luhe Hospital (Luhe Clinical Medical School), China Rehabilitation Research Center (Rehabilitation School), China-Japan Friendship Hospital (China-Japan Friendship Clinical Medical School) and Preventive Medicine Teaching Base (Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control).

In addition, CMU has 39 Clinical Specialty Schools and Departments, 39 Clinical Diagnosis and Research Centers. At present, the faculty of the University and staff of affiliated hospitals number 39,356 (1,578 at the main campus and 37,778 in affiliated hospitals). Among them, 6 are national academicians; 66 are winners of national-level talent projects and 154 are winners of Beijing municipal-level talent projects; 2,951 have senior academic titles and 4,780 have associate senior academic titles; 1,024 are doctoral supervisors and 1,252 are master supervisors.

CMU hosts 8 national key disciplines and 2 national key disciplines (Candidates); 60 national key clinical specialties (including Traditional Chinese Medicine), 14 key disciplines (Candidates) from National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 4 Beijing Level I key Disciplines, 6 Beijing Level II key disciplines, 1 Beijing key inter-discipline, 1 Beijing higher education discipline group. 11 disciplines of CMU (Clinical Medicine, Neuroscience and Behavior, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Immunology, Biology and Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Social Sciences, Psychiatry and Psychology, Microbiology, Chemistry, Environment and Ecology) have entered the ESI global disciplines ranking top 1%. Clinical Medicine has entered the ESI global disciplines ranking top 1‰, whereas Neuroscience and Behavioral Science, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Immunology, Biology and Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics, have ranked top 5‰.

CMU has 3 National Medical Centers, 6 National Clinical Medicine Research Centers; 2 Collaborative Innovation Centers jointly funded by Beijing Municipal Government and the Ministry of Education, 2 Beijing Advanced Innovation Centers, 1 National Key Laboratory (Candidate) jointly funded by Beijing Municipal Government and the Ministry of Science and Technology, 5 Key Laboratories of the Ministry of Education, 1 Laboratory of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 1 Laboratory of the National Medical Products Administration, 3 Beijing Laboratories, 54 Beijing Key Laboratories; 1 National Engineering Research Center, 1 National Engineering Technology Research Center, 3 Engineering Research Centers Funded by Ministry of Education, 10 Municipal Engineering Technology Research Centers; 3 Innovation Teams of Ministry of Education and 3 Excellent Innovation Teams in key areas of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

For recent 5 years, CMU has taken on 3,001 scientific research projects (1,811 are national funded), including projects funded by National Key R&D Programs, special-funded National Major Science and Technology Programs, National Natural Science Foundation, National Social Science Foundation, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and Beijing Natural Science Foundation. The total investment on scientific research has reached 3.057 billion CNY (of which 2.505 billion CNY is from national-level projects). CMU has received 134 awards of various types and levels and 3,358 patents.

CMU upholds the motto “Health, Society, Virtue, Ability”, and strives to be a university to the people's satisfaction, cultivate doctors to the people's satisfaction, and do research to meet people's need for health. In the new phase of the 14th Five-Year Plan, aimed to build the university into a world-class research medical university, CMU will recruit talents of various disciplines in order to contribute to the construction of Healthy China and Healthy Beijing.


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