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Postdoctoral Recruitment of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University (2021)

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University
Guangdong (CN)
Comparable and competitive to international standards
Closing date
Feb 12, 2022

Ⅰ. About Us

As the first western medical hospital in China, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University (SYSMH, SYSU) is named after the founding father of modern China, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, who once studied medicine here. Affiliated to the prestigious Sun Yat-sen University, the 186-year institution has developed into a top ranking general hospital in China, integrating medical treatment, disease prevention, healthcare, teaching, with high quality scientific research.

Integral to SYSU’s clinical medicine programme, which is ranked among the global top 1% in Essential Science Indicators (ESI) subject area ranking, SYSMH plays a key role in the programme’s selection for the national “double first-class” initiative. With seven national key disciplines, 16 Guangdong provincial high-level clinical key disciplines, 23 Guangdong provincial clinical key disciplines, SYSMH features on the following “7+1” academic clusters, including malignant tumours, cardiovascular systems, head and neck diseases, gynaecology and paediatrics, geriatrics and rehabilitation, immunology and metabolism, emerging infectious diseases, and comprehensive scientific research system.

SYSMH aims to provide new PIs with a productive research environment to start their careers. Oriented by disease diagnosis and guided by disciplines construction, SYSMH has built mature platforms for public scientific research, including the Basic and Translational Medical Research Center, the Clinical Research Center, and the Medical Engineering Research Center. It has also got one international scientific collaboration base for long noncoding RNA and difficult diseases, three national platforms specializing in complicated diseases, big data and tumour microenvironment, respectively, as well as one provincial key laboratory and 13 provincial platforms covering targeted tumour therapy, stem cell, breast cancer, arrhythmia, and electrophysiology.

SYSMH builds upon a large pool of talents and a strong foundation in research. In 2019, Professor Song Erwei, the President of SYSMH, was elected as the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Under the leadership of the hospital’s outstanding team, SYSMH adheres to the notion of talent being the prime asset, and attracts talents by offering diverse support packages based on a “pyramidal” talent cultivation system. It is worth mentioning that the hospital carries out the Sun Yat-sen Postdoctoral Program with academicians and national talents as supervisors. Via vigorous recruitment and nurturing plans, SYSMH has got nearly 50 prize winners of national talent projects, and more than 150 award recipients of talent awards at provincial or municipal level.

With an annual scientific research funding of over 220 million RMB, SYSMH has a large capacity for undertaking research projects at various levels. Current approved landmark projects include “Project 973”, “Project 863”, National Key Development Project, National Natural Innovation Research Groups, National Natural Major Project, etc. Research achievements have been published in internationally acclaimed academic journals such as Cell, Nature Immunology, Hepatology, etc. According to the Nature Index ranking of healthcare institutions’ output from 1 August 2019 to 31 July 2020, SYSMH ranks fourth in China, and 70th in the world.

The achievements of postdoctoral team in recent three years have manifested the strengths of SYSMH’s talent support projects. We sincerely welcome outstanding doctors or medical students at home and abroad to join our hospital to carry out high-level postdoctoral research, so as to realize the Chinese dream of scientific and technological innovation!

Ⅱ. Positions

 Postdoctoral Fellow: For those who are under 35 years of age, and have obtained a PhD for no more than three years, and who are exceptional researchers at home or abroad with high academic level and strong scientific research capabilities. Those who have obtained a doctorate degree can contact the research station at any time to complete the enrollment.

Ⅲ. Research Areas

Areas of recruitment include medicine, life sciences and related traditional or interdisciplinary subjects.

Key areas:

1.Tumor biology (focusing on tumor microenvironment);

2.Immunometabolism and inflammation (Immunity of metabolic diseases, infection and vasculitis-related diseases);

3.Neuroscience and neuromorphology (contain brain-computer interface);

4.Big data in medicine, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence;

5.Innovative Pharmaceutical (small molecules, antibodies and RNA, etc.) and drug delivery research and development;

6.Stem cell and somatic cell gene therapy;

7.Related fields in integrative medical engineering (medical equipment R&D, biomedical materials, 3D printing).

Ⅳ. Salary and Benefits

1. For postdoctoral fellow, the hospital provides a flexible salary system of “start-up salary”, “entry allowance” plus “annual appraisal reward”. Comprehensive evaluation is carried out according to the representative achievements of the applicant before the enrollment and during the first year of the postdoc period. The first year’s annual salary can be up to 360,000 RMB, and the second year’s can reach 450,000 RMB.

2. Scientific research reward: the scientific research achievements obtained during the postdoc period will be rewarded according to scientific research reward policy of the hospital, set no ceiling limit.

3. Those who have outstanding performance in the station will be given priority to be recruited to permanent staff, or recommended to be transferred to permanent staff as associate researcher and master supervisor.

Ⅴ. Talent Cultivation Program

The hospital designs effective talent cultivation programs for postdocs. For different types of post-doctoral fellows before or in the station, the hospital has launched corresponding post-doctoral talent programs to support them.

1. “Yat-sen Postdoctoral Double-Talents Program”

Senior academic authority represented by academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, leading talents and other distinguished scholars are invited to provide guidance to postdoctoral fellows. With 100,000RMB as start-up research funds, it aims to support innovative research and cultivate distinguished young scholar.

2. “Yat-sen Postdoctoral Post-funded Program”

For those postdoctoral fellows with outstanding scientific research achievements in the station, the funding period can be extended to support them to make greater achievements (2years+1year post-funded).

Ⅵ. Application Procedure

This recruitment announcement is long-term effective. Please send applications to with the following materials (The position to be applied for should be stated in the email subject).

  1. Chinese and English CVs showing background, education and work experience, scientific funding and publications (indicating the latest quartile ranking of Chinese Academy of Sciences) records in the past five years, and awards received;
  2. Any supplementary materials, including ID cards/passports, all academic certificates, proof of employment, proof of funding, the first page of representative papers, etc..

Ⅶ. Contact

Contact Person: Mr. Hongliang SU, Mr. Jishan HUANG

Tel: +86-20-81332510


Address: 107 Yanjiang West Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China 510120


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