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November 10 2021
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The Chan Zuckerberg Biohub is hiring! We seek skilled and passionate scientists, research associates, engineers, data scientists at all levels (recently graduated Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD students and postdoctoral fellows) to work in a highly collaborative, highly innovative, well-funded research environment whose goal is to understand the underlying mechanisms of disease and develop new technologies that will lead to actionable diagnostics and effective therapies. Ongoing research programs/projects and their goals include:

  • Infectious Disease ( Our overarching goal is to understand viral life cycles by developing new approaches, tools, and reagents to probe virus-host interactions and identify novel viral and host therapeutic targets. We use molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, multi-omic analyses, and CRISPR-based screens to study all aspects of the viral life cycle including entry, translation/proteostasis, and transcription/replication. We share this knowledge and these technologies throughout the world, helping to build the capacity of under-resourced nations to detect and fight infectious diseases.
  • Quantitative Cell Science ( Our overarching goal is to map the machinery of life from cells to molecules to organisms—across scales and at scale. We are an interdisciplinary program designing and applying light sheet and label-free microscopy, engineering cells and zebrafish, and leveraging our expertise in high-resolution multi-omics (proteomics, single-cell transcriptomics, metabolomics), data science, artificial intelligence, and modeling. We built OpenCell ( and organism-wide cell atlases such as Tabula Sapiens (           
  • Technology Platforms ( Our overarching goal is to develop and deploy enabling technologies in bioengineering, computational microscopy, data science, genomics, and mass spectrometry (proteomics and metabolomics) to accelerate discovery of basic mechanisms and therapeutic opportunities.

Positions are available to join the individual groups and platforms (see that lead the above research programs.  View our current openings at and email any inquiries to  Also available are Postdoctoral Fellowships to support collaborative projects between Biohub and faculty in our partner universities ( .

About the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub

The Chan Zuckerberg Biohub ( is a one-of-a-kind independent nonprofit research institute that brings together three powerhouse universities—Stanford, UC Berkeley, and UC San Francisco—into a single collaborative technology and discovery engine. CZ Biohub itself supports some of the brightest, boldest engineers, data scientists, and biomedical researchers to make breakthroughs in medicine and develop new technologies, frequently in collaboration with our partner universities. We are guided by our values of scholarly excellence; disruptive innovation; hands-on engineering/hacking/building; partnership and collaboration; open communication and respect; inclusiveness; and opportunity for all.

What We Provide

  • Resources to disrupt and innovate at the frontiers of our knowledge of biology and disease
  • A collegial and collaborative environment consisting of diverse expertise
  • Existing collaborations within CZ Biohub: Bioengineering, Computational Microscopy, Data Science, Genome Editing, Infectious Diseases, and Quantitative Cell Science
  • Access to collaborators, resources and facilities at our three partner universities (Stanford, UC Berkeley, and UC San Francisco) and at partner organizations in the Bay Area and beyond
  • Competitive compensation and benefits commensurate with experience

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