Recruitment Notice for Principle Scientists

Sanya, Hainan (CN)
Up to 1 million RMB per year + 5 million RMB start-up financial support
September 25 2021
Position Type
Full Time
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Hainan Yazhou Bay Seed Laboratory (YZBSL) was established in Hainan Province to support the development of free trade port, the national "Nanfan Silicon Valley", and Hainan seed industry. YZBSL cooperates with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, universities, and seed industry enterprises. It is staffed by scholars mainly engaged in the research of basic major scientific issues and key core technologies in seed science and technology, with the ultimate goal of becoming an important part of the national strategic scientific reserve and technological force.

Now we are recruiting principle scientists in the following fields:

1) Mining and innovative utilization of excellent gene resources:

Collection, preservation, identification, and accurate evaluation of germplasm resources of crops, animal husbandry, aquatic products, tropical forest and fruit, mining and innovative utilization of excellent gene resources, etc.

2) Precise molecular design of seed:

The formation of complex traits such as yield, quality, resistance, and efficient utilization of resources in agricultural organisms such as crops, aquatic products, livestock, and poultry, as well as its module network analysis, precise molecular design, and breeding by design, etc.

3) Innovation of biological breeding technology:

Design of new gene accurate editing prototype tool, new biosafety breeding technology, molecular breeding technology by utilizing genome editing directional design, genome-metabolome-phenome- envirome analysis technology, multi-omics database, standardized breeding and monitoring system, standardized data collection, transmission network system, and construction of big data platform of intelligent biological breeding, etc.

YZBSL will provide competitive salaries and team support. The annual pre-tax salary of Principal Scientist starts from 1 million RMB (including talent subsidy), the  researcher starts from 0.7 million RMB (including talent subsidy), and postdoc's start from 0.30 million RMB (including talent subsidy). Key technicians are discussed on a case-by-case basis. Independently identify talents with reference to Hainan talent policy and enjoy relevant talent policies in Hainan. According to the actual scientific research needs, sufficient scientific research funds and long-term financial support for outstanding talents are provided. The successful applicant will be provided with 2-5 million RMB start-up financial support including support for children's enrollment, housing, medical treatment, and talent services, enjoying a personal income tax rate of 15%.  

Applicants should send the latest academic resume, representative publications (no more than 5), research plan (no more than 1000 words), the names and contact information of three recommenders, and other relevant materials proving their professional level and academic ability to Please indicate "application type-name-research field" in the email subject.