Clinician Scientist Group Leader

Central London
Competitive, with benefits
September 02 2021
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type


This is primarily a research position aiming to deliver the Crick’s mission of ‘Discovery without Boundaries.’ As such there is no limit on the field of interest beyond its broad alignment with biomedical discovery. It is anticipated that the post holder will:

  • Plan, develop and direct an independent research programme of the highest quality
  • Recruit and supervise research staff and facilitate their career development
  • Manage laboratory resources efficiently and effectively
  • Compete successfully for external research funding (though the Crick will provide substantial support from its core resources, it is anticipated the Crick Clinician Scientists will build on this through applications to external funding bodies)
  • Build collaborative research programmes with investigators at the Crick, the partner University and beyond

Clinical Medicine

One aim of this initiative is to develop the medical perspective of discovery science at the Crick. In line with this it is anticipated that the post holder will:

  • Actively contribute to general scientific discourse at the Crick, particularly as it relates to clinical medicine
  • Maintain a licence to practice in accordance with GMC regulations

(Note that there is no specific stipulation as to the extent of clinical activity and it is understood that this may vary with speciality and research field. However within the basic funding structure this should not exceed 8 hours per week. Beyond this, additional clinical work will require agreement and bespoke co-funding with the partner University and associated NHS Trust).    

Education, Leadership, Citizenship

  • Participate fully in mentoring and career development particularly in relation to clinicians undergoing research training
  • Participate in development of operational structures that enhance medicine at the Crick
  • Promote and advance the reputation of the Crick and the partner University with clinicians, scientists and the public
  • Participate and contribute to Public Engagement activities of the Crick and the university as required
  • Comply with the Health and Safety policies and fulfil the safety responsibilities required of a research supervisor

Person specification

  • A higher degree (PhD or equivalent) in a relevant field
  • A medical degree and GMC licence to practice medicine
  • Certificate of completion of general and specialist medicine training (GMC or equivalent)
  • Successful experience in planning and directing an established research programme
  • Ability to communicate well, convey ideas and concepts clearly and effectively
  • Growing reputation in the field of research demonstrated through publications and conference presentations
  • To have developed a strong and distinctive research vision
  • To have the potential to provide academic leadership

Recruitment Package

The Crick offers a competitive package including:

  • Full personal salary costs for a 6-year period. This can be renewed up to a maximum of 12 years following successful review. A competitive salary allows the Group leaders protected time to fully concentrate on their research, training and development. GLs may undertake a maximum of two clinical sessions a week.
  • Salaries and consumables for up to five people, including graduate students. Research groups will have the opportunity to expand based on external grants.
  • Fully equipped laboratory space for a team of up to 5 researchers. Further space for up to 6 researchers may be allocated on award of external funding.
  • Expenses, travel costs and capital equipment appropriate for the research project.
  • Access to its core-funded state-of-the-art science technology platforms ( ).

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