Postdoc in Host-Pathogen Interactions/Neural-gut signaling, Oregon Health Science University

Portland, Oregon
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July 26 2021
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Full Time
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NIH funded post-doctoral position available in the Aballay laboratory at Oregon Health & Science University, School of Medicine. The Aballay laboratory has several exciting projects related to host-pathogen interactions and neural-gut signal, including the study of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) in the control of immune homeostasis, and the study of host-pathogen interactions. A variety of genetic, genomic, proteomic, pharmacologic, and cell biology approaches to clarify the role of the nervous system in the regulation of innate immune responses against bacterial pathogens are used.

The candidate should have a Ph.D. degree with a strong publication record. Applicants should submit a CV and a statement of no more than 2 pages of research interests and future career plans. Three letters of recommendation will be required after a preliminary screening process.

Alejandro Aballay's lab studies the following:

  1. Neuronal circuits involved in the control of immune homeostasis.
  2. Receptors involved in pathogen recognition.
  3. Signaling molecules involved in the control of immune homeostasis.
  4. Neural responses to infections such as pathogen-induced neurodegeneration.
  5. Molecular pathways involved in the control of recovery from bacterial infections.

Please, electronically submit your application as a single PDF file to

Life Sciences: Genetics, Genomics, Immunology, Microbiology, Neuroscience Health Sciences