Postdoctoral Fellows in Neuroinflammatory Disease and Neuroscience

San Francisco, California
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July 07 2021
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Full Time
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We are recruiting postdoctoral fellows to work jointly with the Wilson and Pleasure Labs in the UCSF Department of Neurology, Division of Neuroimmunology and Glial Biology on ongoing projects studying aspects of autoimmune neurologic disease. The two labs have ongoing collaborative efforts to study the humoral immune responses in paraneoplastic, post-infectious or idiopathic autoantibody associated forms of encephalitis. The labs have extensive shared funding to pursue these efforts and are looking for 2 postdoctoral fellows to join this effort over the next year. The fellowship positions have funding associated with them although obtaining outside additional support is always useful

There are ongoing projects on a) Neurologic complications of COVID-19 b) Infectious and post-infectious encephalitis c) Generating animal models of autoimmune encephalitis

Job Requirements 1. PhD and experience in molecular biology or neuroscience or immunology or bioinformatics/computational biology 2. Strong bench skills in molecular biology or neuroscience approaches 3. An interest in working in a productive collaborative team based environment.


UCSF is a fantastic environment for training in neuroscience both basic and translational. The Wilson and Pleasure labs are in near adjacent labs in the Sandler Neurosciences building at the Mission Bay Campus at UCSF. Both laboratories are workspaces with strong commitment to increasing diversity in the Neuroscience/STEM workforce. In addition, strongly trained applicants from abroad are encouraged to apply. You may reply to either or both of the PIs.

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