Harvard/Mass General Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cancer Molecular Genetics and Therapeutics

Boston, Massachusetts
Greater than or equal to NIH fellowship scale plus generous healthcare benefits
July 05 2021
EllisenLab Postdoc 2021
Position Type
Full Time
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The fellowship position is based at Mass General Hospital, the lead Harvard teaching hospital with the largest hospital-based academic research program in the US. We apply innovative technologies in a rich, multidisciplinary academic environment in order to reveal mechanisms and therapeutic implications in breast and other cancers. Topics of major interest include breast cancer pathogenesis, molecular genetics and therapy. We have identified fundamental mechanisms of the p53 family members in tumorigenesis (Cancer Cell 2017; 31:35) and normal development (Dev Cell 2014; 30:151), and have discovered novel genetic breast cancer drivers (Cancer Discovery 2018; 8:336). We revealed for the first time frequent gene regulatory mutations in breast cancer (Nature 2017; 547:55), and recently unveiled the early genetic pathogenesis of hereditary breast cancer (Science Advances 2020; 6(5)). Our ability to work at the interface of basic tumor biology, genetics and therapeutic application is strongly supported by the research and clinical infrastructure of the Mass General Cancer Center (Cancer Discovery 2021 In Press).

The position provides a rich intellectual environment with full integration into the large research communities of the Mass General and Harvard. Prior fellows have gone on to faculty positions at prestigious institutions including Harvard Medical School. The candidate must have recently received a Ph.D. degree in the biological sciences, and be highly motivated and well versed in basic molecular biology and biochemical techniques. First-author publication in the English-language literature is essential. Please see: ellisenlab.com for more information.