A maximum annual salary of 500,000+CNY for postdoc in First Affiliated Hospital, Jinan University

Jinan University
Guangzhou, Guangdong (CN)
From 300,000 yuan, the highest is more than 520,000 yuan
August 23 2021
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A maximum annual salary of 500,000+CNY for post-doctoral candidates in First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University

One. Brief introduction of this hospital  

The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University (also known as Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital, First Clinical Medical College of Jinan University), is the directly affiliated hospital of Jinan University, which is the "first overseas Chinese University in China" and the " Double First Class University" in China.

The hospital is affiliated to the National United Front Work Department. It is a comprehensive tertiary first-class hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care and rehabilitation. It is also the first batch of Internet hospitals in Guangdong Province, ranking top 10 comprehensive hospitals in south China in terms of comprehensive strength (ranking of Fudan university in south China). It has a first-level doctoral program of clinical medicine, two first-level master programs of clinical medicine and nursing, and has the professional qualification of doctor of clinical medicine.

The hospital has a strong accumulation of disciplines, and has formed four "flagship disciplines" of neurology, orthopedics, general surgery and medical imaging; there are currently 18 provincial and ministerial key disciplines and clinical key specialties. Among them, Guangdong's characteristic key disciplines include surgery, ophthalmology, imaging medicine and nuclear medicine; Guangdong clinical key specialties include orthopedics, neurology, medical imaging, urology, nephrology, obstetrics, pediatrics, rehabilitation, ophthalmology, stomatology, plastic surgery, anesthesiology, pain, clinical nursing. It has won 1 of second prize of national science and technology progress, 5 of first prizes at provincial and ministerial level, 25 second prizes, and 45 third prizes. In 2019, 39 national nature projects were approved, and published many papers in international authoritative journals such as Nature, NEJM, Cell Mol, Neuron and Nature Communication and other international authoritative journals. Jinan University is ranked among the top 4‰ of ESI worldwide in clinical medicine.

 The hospital has a first-class scientific research platform, and has a clinical medical research institute. Academician Liu Yunyi, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is invited as the honorary president and chief scientist of this hospital. Hospital has a group of domestic and overseas introduction of high-level full-time researchers, more than 4000 square meters of dedicated research area, and is equipped with provincial and ministerial level key laboratory-Guangzhou Key Laboratory of Molecular and Functional Imaging Clinical Transformation, equipped with a batch of high-end research equipment such as 9.4T small animal nuclear magnetic resonance, cyclotron, flow cytometer, etc. In addition, the hospital also shares with more than 20 life science-related laboratories and engineering center platforms of Jinan University, including 13 national and provincial key laboratories and engineering centers.

The mobile station for clinical medical research is an innovation platform for 100 doctors and postdocs in Guangdong Province. There are currently 75 postdoctoral co-doctoral supervisors and 119 postdoctoral doctors in the station. In 2019, 17 national and natural projects, 24 provincial and ministerial projects were approved, and high levels of A1 area were announced There are 15 A1-level SCI papers has been published, one of which has an impact factor of 16.048. Four postdoctoral scholars have been awarded 100 innovation characters of doctoral postdoctoral in Guangdong province.

Two. Admission Major

In order to further strengthen the construction of the hospital's discipline team and promote the integration of clinical and basic scientific research, our mobile station is now planning to recruit 50 excellent post-doctors at home and abroad to engage in research work in our hospital every year. Please see in attachment for the major table.

Three.  Admission Conditions

1. Have obtained a doctor's degree in medical related disciplines for no more than 3 years;

2. Obtain outstanding scientific research achievements in medical science, life science and other fields: Publish one paper above A1 Class II ( signed first author or co - first author );

3. Foreigners need to obtain doctoral degrees in the world's top 200 universities ( excluding domestic universities, the ranking is subject to the Times Higher Education Supplement of the year );

In addition, our station encourages talents with other academic backgrounds but who have achieved outstanding scientific research results in medical related or life sciences and other fields to apply.

Fully automated biochemical immune pipeline   Central Laboratory      Digital integration interventional operating room

Four: Advantage of treatment ( From 300,000 yuan, the highest is more than 520,000 yuan )

1. Postdoctoral students implement performance-based salary system and enjoy double treatment from Jinan University and hospital. Jinan University's basic salary is divided into three levels: I, II and III, with 200,000 yuan / year for Grade I, 250,000 yuan / year for Grade II and 350,000 yuan / year for Grade III.

2. Jinan University provides 2,000 yuan / month housing rent to help children attend school.

3. The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University will provide an additional 5,000 yuan housing rent per month on the basis of University treatment.

4. The postdoctoral candidates who enter the station enjoy the double scientific research awards of Jinan University and the hospital. Those who meet the requirements of the III examination will be given an additional outstanding bonus of RMB 55,000 per person per month.

5. The hospital has set up a postdoctoral fund. All postdoctoral candidates can apply for a postdoctoral initial funding of 50,000 yuan.

6. Clear development prospects: Those who are outstanding in the outbound examination can stay in the hospital to work directly.

Five. Application process

1.Submit application materials (see list https://gs.jnu.edu.cn/20/b4/c886a139444/page.htm ) to 652 Science and Education Office of Outpatient Department of First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University;

2. Applicants can not enter the mobile station until they have been examined materials and passed the interview assessment organized by the mobile station, examined by the office of the school's postdoctoral management committee, approved by the school's competent authorities and submitted to the Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security for approval.  

Six. Contact Information

Unit name: Science and Education Office of First Clinical Medical College of Jinan University

Address: Room 652, Outpatient Department, First Clinical Medical College, Jinan University, 613 Huangpu Avenue West, Guangzhou

Contacts: Ms Zheng

Telephone: ( 020 ) 38688077    Post Office: 510630     

Email:  tkyk8034@jnu.edu.cn