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The basic salary will be those stipulated for senior managerial and scientific staff.
July 01 2021
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Sensors and Devices (FBK-S&D)

1 (Premise)

Confirmed and recognized for the quality of its research in science and technology and for its high economic and social impact, the Fondazione Bruno Kessler is renowned for its focus on
interdisciplinarity and complexity. With its 3,500 square meters of laboratories and scientific facilities, and drawing on a community of over 400 stable researchers, 140 PhD students, 200 visiting fellows and/or students writing their dissertations, as well as 700 affiliated and/or accredited students, the Fondazione Bruno Kessler – in close synergy with the University of Trento – acts as a scientific and technological hub, its premises and platforms hosting a lively ecosystem of co-located ventures, spin-offs, projects, and training opportunities.

2 (Prerequisites)

In view of the European “recovery and resilience policy” (Next Generation EU), the Fondazione Bruno Kessler is in the process of updating its organizational and operational statute. The assumptions of this renewal – contained in the 2018-2027 Strategic Plan – rest on scientific excellence and innovation, financial autonomy and sustainability, transparent evaluation systems, and an innovative model of strategic marketing and business development.

3 (Goals)

The goals pursued by the Foundation in updating its organizational and operative model may be summarized as: broadening the horizon of its own research and social responsibility, stepping up integration of its own research and innovation lines and activities, increasing its appeal especially among young talents, working towards a new generational and gender balance, turning the skills of scientific management towards a "people oriented" managerial spirit.

4 (Aside)

The above premises, prerequisites, and goals constitute the reference framework for the selection of the Director of the following area of research, study, and innovation: the Center for Sensors & Devices (FBK-S&D). The scientific strategy of the Center for Sensors&Devices (FBK-S&D) is focused on the study, design, development and production of sensors, devices and microsystems using primarily the internal silicon-facility. In this contest, Quantum Technology, will be one the most important pillars of the future of the center. Thanks to the strong competences of the 120 researchers and technicians and to the innovative facility, the FBK-S&D center combines scientific excellence with the capacity to exploit the results of research, applying a model of open collaboration in innovation within national and international networks of expertise. The selection of these figures, will thus complement the unitary design pursued by the Fondazione which only a few months ago chose the heads of structures pertaining to cyber security, digital society, health & wellbeing, health emergencies, digital industry, sustainable energy and who will shortly – also in an interdisciplinary vision – be joined by the new directors of the Italian-German Historical Institute (FBK-ISIG), the Center for Religious Studies (FBK-ISR), and the Research Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies (FBK-IRVAPP).

5 (Subjective requirements)

To the extent that they correspond to the Foundation's mission and Strategic Plan and to the extent that they adhere to the aforementioned premises, prerequisites, and goals, applications from those candidates with documented international experience and advanced scientific and/or managerial qualifications, as well as a proven network of relationships in their communities of reference, will be taken into consideration. Eligible applicants are professors or researchers in Physics, Engineering and other topics related to the activities of the S&D Center, affiliated with public or private universities or research institutes of international standing. Previous experience and leadership in international research teams or
projects are preferables.

6 (Applications)

Applications for the position of Director of research, study, and innovation of the Foundation in the area of Sensors & Devices (FBK-S&D) must be sent to by July 30, 2021, at 12.00 (noon, Italian time) in the form of a written proposal in which the above premise, prerequisites, and goals are to be illustrated at three and six years from now, according to the candidate’s personal view (at most four pages with 1500 characters each). An updated Curriculum Vitae must be attached with the proposal, listing relevant publications and/or other R&D products of any description, the candidates’ scientific and managerial experiences, and their relational networks in the relevant community. Up to the closing date for submissions, candidates may arrange for a personal meeting to get to know the Foundation and its research and study areas with the Secretary General Staff.

7 (Terms of Appointment)

This is preferably a full-time position; however, the Foundation is open to hiring highly-dedicated part-time candidates. This is a three-year appointment and may be renewed once for another three years. If compatible, the contract will be the one applied by the Foundation, the sole collective ad hoc contract for Research & Innovation in the private sector. Alternatively, the collaboration appointment will be consistent with the goals pursued by the Foundation and with its organizational and operational model. The professional category and basic salary will be those stipulated for senior managerial and scientific staff. Any bonuses and incentive plans will be subject to individual negotiation. 

8 (Selection Procedure)

Compliant applications will be considered by an Evaluating Committee appointed by the Foundation’s Board of Administration. The Committee will be composed of 1 expert of proven scientific and/or managerial experience, 1 member of the Autonomous Province of Trento, 1 Board member, 1 member of the Scientific Committee, as well as the President and the Secretary General of the Foundation. In compliance with the Foundation’s gender equality policy, the Evaluation Committee will be equally composed of both genders. The Committee’s assessment will be comprised of separate scores for: 1) the written proposal; 2) the publications and/or products of research and innovation, however denominated; 3) any formerly held scientific and/or management posts; 4) the relationship networks in the scientific communities related to the areas of reference; 5) a final interview (only for short-listed candidates). In full respect of the data regulation policy, candidates admitted to the final interview will first be offered a personality test/assessment aimed at measuring their professional performance for the role sought. The presentation of the candidates before the final interview may be followed in streaming by the
Foundation’s personnel. 

The final breakdown of assessment scores and a report on the procedure will be submitted to the Board of Administration who will make the final decision.

Trento, 23 June 2021

Please read the “Guidelines for selection of Directors” and the “FAQ -Selection of Directors” before completing your application. 
To request information, a preliminary interview, or if you need technical support with your application, please contact the Foundation at the following e-mail address: