Group Leader

Institut Pasteur de Lille
Lille (Arrondissement), Nord (FR)
according to experience
July 01 2021
Position Type
Full Time
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Other Corporate

The Institut Pasteur de Lille opens a new position for a young outstanding scientist as a group leader to establish an independent research team in the area of infectious diseases and host-pathogen interactions.

With an initial attractive package, the applicant is expected to establish an independent research team on the campus of the Institut Pasteur de Lille, 1, rue du Prof. Calmette, Lille, France (, in the area of bacterial, viral or parasitic infections. The team will be an integral part of the Center for Infection and Immunity of Lille ( and benefit from the state-of-the-art core facilities. The new team is expected to develop its own cutting-edge research themes and strongly interact with other groups located on the Pasteur campus and on the Lille medical school campus.

Initial funding for the duration of three years will be provided by the Institute. Within those 3 years, the applicant is expected to apply for regional, national and international grants to sustain the team’s research, and to apply for a permanent position at the CNRS ( or Inserm ( The Institut Pasteur de Lille will provide all the necessary assistance to complete all applications.

All applicants should provide:

  • A short CV (1 or 2 pages)
  • List of publications, patent applications, invitations to conferences, awarded grants
  • Up to 3-pages research outline

Application deadline is Octobre 15th, 2021.

Please send all the documents to HR department :

About the Institut Pasteur de Lille

The Institut Pasteur de Lille is a private, multidisciplinary research institution based in the center of Lille. It offers state-of-the-art technological platforms including unique BSL3 facilities for in vitro and in vivo experimentation, multiple imaging platforms, high content and high throughput screening capabilities, high field NMR, mass spectrometry and others. The Institute seeks excellence at all levels: basic science, translational research (including vaccine, diagnostic and drug discovery) support to researchers and social and environmental sustainability.

About the Center for Infection and Immunity of Lille

The Center for Infection & Immunity of Lille (CIIL) develops research projects on the molecular and cellular mechanisms of infectious and chronic inflammatory diseases with the aim to apply this knowledge to the development of improved diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics. To achieve these goals, this Center gathers complementary expertise, covering a wide range of disciplines from epidemiology, molecular and cellular virology, bacteriology and parasitology, to the immunological basis of infectious and non-infectious diseases and translation into clinical applications.