Post-doctoral Scientist

Saint Paul, Minnesota
$48,400 starting salary, plus benefits
June 10 2021
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Full Time
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Post-doctoral positions, University of Minnesota:  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology of Soil and Pathogen-Suppressive Microbiomes:  Post-doctoral positions available on NSF and USDA-funded research projects focusing on the ecology and evolutionary biology of microbiomes in agricultural and prairie soils.  Seeking candidates with background in microbial ecology and interest and/or experience in amplicon or metagenomics-based microbiome analyses, microbial metabolomic and/or transcriptomic analyses, microbial phenotyping, and a passion for cross-disciplinary research.  Our interest is in understanding the assembly and composition of soil and endophytic microbiomes and their functional capacities across diverse landscapes, and on linkages between microbiomes and crop or prairie plant health and productivity.  Our projects span potato production systems, natural and experimental prairies, and long-term (> 60 y) experimental monocultures.  We seek highly-motivated candidates enthusiastic to be part of a collaborative research team.  We anticipate hiring at least 2 new positions, and hope to optimize complementarity of backgrounds and skill sets among hires (e.g. computational, ecological, plant and/or pathology, …) to build a strong team.  Substantial opportunities to contribute to communication, education, and outreach exist within our team, and access to extensive data will support rapid pathways to publications.  Applications and further information: .  Inquiries:  Linda Kinkel (