Research Assistant II Neuro-Oncology

Houston, Texas
June 09 2021
Health Sciences
Organization Type
The primary purpose of the Research Assistant II position is to provide highly technical work in molecular biology, cell biology, Drug development and orthotopic animal model research projects.

The lab is seeking a highly motivated candidate with strong interest in cancer biology and able to perform general duties and laboratory maintenance, including conducting experiments, generating reports, maintaining log and notebooks, maintenance of equipment and ordering supplies. Experimental responsibilities include design and performance of studies to supply: (a) specific data as part of a larger project; (b) and answer to specific questions in a limited field; and/or (c) in the development of improved techniques or procedures. Works on projects closely with PI, postdoctoral fellows and graduate stduents in the lab as assigned. Assists postdoctoral fellows and graduate students with various experiments. May need to learn new techniques relevant to projects.

Key Functions:

1. Plans and executes the details of laboratory experiments. Displays adequate knowledge and ability to perform experiments in molecular biology and cell biology. Must travel to various laboratories within the institution.

2. Able to perform DNA, RNA and protein work including western blots, PCR, DNA and RNA blots, plasmid construction, transfections, cell viability, cell proliferation and cell death assays, microscopy, basic immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemistry. Position will involve tissue handling and rodent experiments.

3. Visually analyzes, evaluates and interprets experimental results using computer including using Word, Power point, Excel files, use of instrument related software. Analyze appropriate data on a computer via keyboard. Able to prepare and present data in a group.

4. Cultures and maintains tissue culture cells in a biological safety hood and clean incubator. Must maintain steady arm and hand movements. Propagates bacteria cells, and viral constructs in appropriate culture conditions. Stores and maintains handwritten log of specific cells and cultures in liquid nitrogen freezer and/or ultra cold freezers.

5. Assists with the preparation of materials for and performs animal studies including the processing of blood and tissue for analyses.

6. Assists and oversees, in the absence of the supervisor, the supervision of technicians, graduate students, summer students and medical fellows in their laboratory work and responsibilities. Demonstrates interpersonal skills.

7. Operates and maintains laboratory equipment apparatus. Assumes responsibility for general laboratory maintenance of equipment and routine procedures involved in molecular and cellular biology by visually monitoring and recording vital functions. May delegate to other personnel. Demonstrate knowledge of places and be able to perform necessary laboratory safety procedures.

8. Manually organizes supply stocks, maintains sufficient quantities of supplies, and orders on handwritten requests necessary supplies and vendors or central stores, respectively. Must be able to communicate clearly via telephone.

9. Demonstrates knowledge of places in practice, and performs necessary laboratory safety procedures.

10. Participate in general laboratory activities.

Working Conditions

This position requires:

Working in Office Environment

______ No

___X___ Yes

Working in Patient Care Unit (e.g. Nursing unit; outpatient clinic)

__X____ No

______ Yes

Exposure to human/animal blood, body fluids, or tissues

______ No

___X___ Yes

Exposure to harmful chemicals

______ No

___X___ Yes

Exposure to radiation

___X_ No

____ __ Yes

Exposure to animals

______ No

___X___ Yes

Physical Demands

Indicate the time required to do each of the following physical demands:

Time Spent














Up to 10 lbs

10lbs to 50 lbs

More than 50 lbs


Up to 10 lbs

10lbs to 50 lbs

More than 50 lbs

Use computer/keyboard

Required: Bachelor's degree with major course works in one of the basic sciences.

Preferred: Master's degree with major course works in one of the basic sciences.

Required: Two years experience in scientific or experimental research work. No experience required with preferred degree.

It is the policy of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to provide equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, protected veteran status, genetic information, or any other basis protected by institutional policy or by federal, state or local laws unless such distinction is required by law.

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