Postdoctoral Research Position in Epigenetic Inheritance and Cancer Epigenetics in Zhiguo Zhang Lab

New York City, New York (US)
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June 02 2021
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Postdoctoral Research Position in Epigenetic Inheritance and Cancer Epigenetics in the Zhiguo Zhang Lab

Postdoctoral Research position is available to study mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance and cancer epigenetics in the Zhiguo Zhang Lab at Columbia University’s Institute for Cancer Genetics. Candidates with a strong background in molecular biology, cancer biology, protein purification and structural determination are strongly encouraged to apply. Detailed info about the Zhiguo Zang Lab can be found online (

Interested candidates should email their CV and the names of three references to


1. Li, Z., Hua, X., Serra-Cardona, A., Xu, X., Gan, S., Zhou, Z., Chen, C., Xu, R., and Zhang, Z. DNA polymerase α interacts with H3-H4 and facilitates the transfer of parental histones to lagging strands (2020). Science Advances, 6, eabb5820.

2. Yu, C., Gan, H., Serra-Cardona, A., Zhang, L., Gan, S., Sharma, S., Johansson, E., Chabes, A., Xu, R.M., and Zhang, Z. A mechanism for preventing asymmetric histone segregation onto replicating DNA strands (2018). Science, 361:1386–1389.

3. Zhang, L., Serra-Cardona, A., Zhou, H., Wang, M., Yang, N., Zhang*, Z., and Xu, R.* Multisite substrate recognition in Asf1-dependent acetylation of histone H3K56 by Rtt109 (2018). Cell, 174(4):818–830  

4. Fang*, D., Gan*, H., Lee*, J., Han*, J., Wang*, Z., Riester, S.M., Jin, L., Chen, J., Zhou, H., Wang, J., Zhang, H., Yang, N., Bradley, E.W., Ho, T.H., Rubin, B.P., Bridge, J.A., Thibodeau, S.N., Ordog, T., Chen, Y., van Wijnen, A.J., Oliveira, A.M., Xu, R., Westendorf, J.J., and Zhang, Z. The histone H3.3K36M mutation reprograms the epigenome of chondroblastomas (2016). Science, 352:1344–1348.


Eligible candidates must have a PhD and/or MD degree in one of the following: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetic or Cancer Biology. Strong competence in human cancer cells, a record of productive and collaborative research, and excellent communication skills in written and spoken English are required.

Columbia University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer—race/gender/disability/veteran.

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