Postdoctoral Fellowship

Emory University
Commensurate to experience
May 21 2021
Position Type
Full Time
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The laboratory of Dr. Hee Cheol Cho in the Department of Pediatrics at Emory University and the Heart Center at the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is seeking a motivated and talented candidate for an NIH-funded postdoctoral fellowship position. The successful candidate will take advantage of cutting-edge bioengineering tools to understand the mechanisms of and develop treatments for heart rhythm diseases.

The candidate will lead one of the two projects.

Project 1. Somatic cell reprogramming toward bioengineered cardiac conduction system cells. The goal is to understand the cellular events that take place during reprogramming of chamber myocytes to cardiac conduction cells. The emphasis is on developing single cell biology pipeline with scRNAseq/scATACseq to correlate the reprogrammed cells’ genotype to their electrophysiological phenotype. The candidate is expected to have expertise in single cell transcriptome and epigenome analysis. The candidate will gain opportunities to advance this project to clinically-relevant models of cardiac arrhythmias in small and large animals.

Project 2. Myocardial lineage-specific patterning of human pluripotent stem cells. The goal is to understand the mechanisms of cardiac chamber-specific differentiation of human iPS cells toward nodal/atrial/ventricular myocytes. The emphasis is on characterizing the electrophysiological properties of the cell/tissue constructs in vitro, in the whole-heart and in vivo. The candidate is expected to have knowledge and experience in cardiac electrophysiology. The candidate will engage in translational projects toward cell-based therapies with in vivo models.

Throughout the fellowship period, promotion and career development strategies will be encouraged and implemented with the goal of promoting meritorious fellows toward independent faculty positions.

Preferred Qualifications
A recent graduate of PhD or MD with no more than four years of postdoc research experience. Candidates with experience in cardiac disease model creation in rodents or large animals will be preferred.

Inquiries to:

Hee Cheol Cho, PhD

Urowsky-Sahr Scholar in Pediatric Bioengineering

Director, Heart Regeneration Program / Associate Professor, Dept. of Pediatrics and the Heart Center

Emory University School of Medicine