Postdoctoral Scholar - Research Associate

Los Angeles, California
Health benefits included in salary.
May 04 2021
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Full Time
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USC's Center for Craniofacial Molecular Biology has a Postdoctoral position available for immediately in Dr. Yang Chai's laboratory. 

We are interested in the regulation of developmental patterning, organogenesis, stem cells and regenerative medicine. Our studies will seek to define molecular mechanisms governing both normal and abnormal craniofacial development, providing scientific rationales for future therapeutic strategies to prevent and treat craniofacial birth defects, as well as stem cell based craniofacial regenerative medicine. The candidate must have a Ph.D. and be experienced with molecular and developmental biology. Supported by the NIDCR, National Institute for Health. For details, please visit Send application, resume and three letters for recommendation to Yang Chai to the email listed. 

*Serves as a research trainee for the purpose of enhancing and developing research competencies. Participates in planning, designing and conducting highly technical and complex research projects under the direction of a supervisor. May or may not work independently.
* Identifies, researches, compiles and evaluates data sources, background information and/or technology related to area of specialization.
* Analyzes and evaluates research data utilizing computers and provides interpretations requiring significant knowledge of a specialized area of research.
* Searches literature, utilizing all available resources including electronic, regarding new methodology and designs experiments accordingly.
* Contributes to the development of research documentation for publication and/or prepares technical reports, papers and/or records.
* Operates and maintains sophisticated laboratory/scientific equipment.
* Performs other related duties as assigned or requested. The university reserves the right to add or change duties at any time.

* The Postdoctoral Scholar-Research Associate will perform and train to use equipment for Immunology, Molecular genetics, Flow Cytometry, Microbiology, DNA & RNA isolation from FFPE tissues, RT qPCR, RT2 Profiler PCR Array, Immunohistochemistry and Digital image analysis.