Post-doc Fellowship, System for Construction of Neuronal Microcircuits

Baltimore, Maryland (US)
Per NRSA guideline, plus benefits
April 26 2021
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type

The Nauen laboratory seeks a talented and motivated scientist/engineer for postdoctoral fellowship. The objective is training for a productive career as an independent researcher through development of a system for construction of cellular microcircuits.  Desired skills/attributes are some combination of the following:

a) understanding of optics sufficient for construction of laser/PMT system for optical characterization of cells;

b) ability to code field-programmable gate array to allow rapid classification of cells;

c) experience and expertise in biomaterials sufficient to construct a porous scaffold for cushioning droplets on impact to maximize cell survival;

d) experience with use of human induced pluripotent stem cells for generation of neurons and ideally specific neuronal subtypes

The environment is a small but productive laboratory focused on human neuroscience, in an excellent research and clinical institution with numerous resources to maximize post-doc career success.  Interested individuals please send resume or biosketch to

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