Associate Director of the Diabetes Diagnostic Laboratory

Columbia, Missouri
Commiserate with experience
April 20 2021
Position Type
Full Time
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The Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences at the University of Missouri is seeking outstanding candidates for a faculty position (tenure-track or non-tenure track negotiable; rank dependent on experience).  Primary duties of the successful candidate will be to serve as the Associate Director of the Diabetes Diagnostic Laboratory [DDL].  This includes coordination of the clinical and research efforts in this laboratory.  The successful applicant must have experience in both clinical and research areas. 

The clinical aspect of the laboratory includes measurements of HbA1c (by both ion-exchange and boronate affinity HPLC), insulin and c-peptide analyses, and patient result reporting.  A basic knowledge of clinical laboratory regulatory requirements (CLIA, CAP) is important as well as an understanding of these specific diabetes test methodologies.   

The DDL serves as the administrative core for an international program, the NGSP, for standardization of HbA1c assays. HbA1c is an important test used to assess glycemic control in patients with diabetes.  The purpose of the NGSP is to improve the quality of HbA1c testing by standardizing HbA1c results and continuously monitoring the performance of HbA1c testing in the field.  The DDL Laboratory Director serves as the NGSP Network Coordinator.  The NGSP maintains a laboratory network with reference method results that are based on landmark clinical trial data. Proficiency testing, primarily through the College of American Pathologists (CAP), is used to evaluate progress toward improved comparability of results among laboratories. The NGSP network assigns values to the accuracy-based CAP HbA1c survey.  Related research includes examination of stability of HbA1c and interferences (e.g. from Hb variants) with different assay methods. Standardization of c‐peptide assays is also in progress at the DDL. The c‐peptide program includes supplying serum specimens to manufacturers for use in the calibration of their assays. The DDL also operates an LC/MS reference method for c‐peptide in coordination with the National Metrology Institute of Japan which also has a C-peptide reference method.


  • Serve as the Network Coordinator for the NGSP (HbA1c Standardization Program); this includes analysis of certification data, and preparation of certificates.
  • Coordinate the program for standardization of c-peptide.
  • Arrange yearly meetings at ADA and AACC for the NGSP Clinical Advisory committee, NGSP steering committee, NGSP/IFCC manufacturer forum and c-peptide standardization and make presentations at those meetings
  • Coordinate reference value assignment for 3 CAP surveys (HbA1c and c-peptide) and other PT surveys.
  • Prepare text for NGSP and C-peptide websites.
  • Coordinate analysis for outside and internal research studies.
  • Prepare federal grant proposals for NGSP and diabetes testing for NHANES.
  • Oversee the DDL diabetes assays used for patient care and research.
  • Assist in laboratory QA, QC and improvement initiatives.