Research Assistant Professor or Research Associate in Precision Medicine and Coronary Artery Disease

Cleveland, Ohio (US)
Salary is highly competitive
April 02 2021
Position Type
Full Time
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A position is immediately available as part of a precision medicine research program at Case Western Reserve University’s Cardiovascular Research Institute (CVRI). Opportunities include the development and application of advanced machine learning approaches to delineate mechanisms underlying atherosclerosis progression and to discover novel biomarkers of therapy response using data from registries and clinical trials. Ongoing funded projects include:
i)   Multiomic models using molecular, environmental and imaging datasets to predict risk and response to therapy
ii)  Intelligent integration of multiomic profiles to delineate mechanisms of disease progression in heart failure and atherosclerosis
iii)  Novel multiomic platforms integrating exercise MRI data sets with other multiomic markers

These unique opportunities involve engagement with accomplished multi-investigator teams of basic and translational researchers in addition to industry partners, thus enabling subsequent career paths in either academia or industry. Salary is highly competitive and will be accompanied by comprehensive healthcare and benefits packages.


  • PhD in biomedical engineering/computer science/electrical engineering/computational biology/bioinformatics
  • Strong background in one or more areas of machine learning (Bayesian networks, compressed sensing, neural networks, Markov Models, convolutional networks etc.)
  • Exposure to computational and/or systems biology is advantageous but not essential.

The Translational Science Laboratory at the Cardiovascular Research Institute is engaged in the integration of large-scale biological datasets to address gaps in knowledge between genomic and environmentally mediated risk. Our lab is at the cutting edge of discovery and has interests in the inferface of genomic and environmental factors that modulate risk for future heart disease. The laboratory leverages several unique data sets including cutting edge imaging science juxtaposed with environmental variables that monitor the envirome to develop next generation approaches for personalized medicine. The resources that the lab leverages include the Center for Advanced Heart and Vascular care (CAHVC), a futuristic academic-corporate partnership with Siemens and Medtronic to develop the next generation of innovative technologies that combine imaging with intervention guided by robotics and artificial intelligence. The Center is linked to a Translational Sciences Unit with >$10 million dollars in funding from NIH and industry. The Center is home to fully staffed exercise MRI units, capable of performing state of the art cardiopulmonary exercise testing in the MRI environment combined with state-of-the-art next generation genomics approaches for that will redefine personalized medicine. The CAHVC routinely uses state of the art non-invasive CT approaches for assessment of form and function and is home to the world’s largest no-charge CT Calcium Scoring Registry (CLARIFY) linked to patient outcomes. The laboratory works in close collaboration with the Case Western Reserve University’s (CWRU’s) Comprehensive Cancer Center ( and with the Center of Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics (CCIPD) at CWRU under Dr. Madabhushi. CCIPD houses over 60 members including seven faculty members developing new technology in the fields of digital pathology, radiomics, radiogenomics, and image guided interventions. Together, the resources in the Translational Science lab, CCIPD, and CAHVC provide an unprecedented opportunity for talented and entrepreneurial scientists looking to contribute to defining the next generation of personalized medicine approaches.

To complete an application, please email a cover letter, CV and names of references to:

Lopa Das, PhD
Research Scientist
Cardiovascular Research Institute