Associate Vice President for University Community Services

Japan (JP)
In accordance with the OIST Employee Compensation Regulations
March 30 2021
Position Type
Full Time
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OIST now has a thousand people studying or working on campus, and their overall wellbeing is seen as a key to their success at OIST and the success of OIST as an institution. The University Community Services (UCS) Division provides campus-wide community services that enhance the lives of students, staff and families at OIST. The Division is responsible for the management/administration of community services including: the Resource Center, Recreation Services, Language Training, Food Services, and provision of information and support regarding schooling options for non Japanese families.  Some of these sections are partially funded through fees collected from the users together with government subsidies to the University.

Under the direction of the Chief Operating Officer (COO), this position works under broad, administrative direction with responsibility for providing strategic leadership and direction in the planning, implementing, improving, and evaluating of an administrative department and promoting operational improvements.  The Associate Vice President for University Community Services reports directly to the COO.

These responsibilities require a high-level understanding of a broad range of administrative roles in a university setting.  The successful candidate will have a background in operations, project management, finance, human resources, management (of managers as well as line level staff) and excellent organizational skills.  They will have the ability to interact professionally and diplomatically with all sections of the university, experience meeting government standards and reporting requirements, and excellent communication skills in dealing with external organizations, as well as OIST faculty and students.

This is a full-time administrative position to ensure ongoing and continuing leadership of the UCS Division.



The Associate Vice President for University Community Services has responsibility for leading the UCS Division in:

  1. Developing and implementing long-and short-term goals and plans for achieving the Division’s mission, while utilizing appropriate organizational, financial, and personnel resources and strategies
  2. Structuring and prioritizing key Division issues as well as facilitating the seamless implementation of all new initiatives for the the Resource Center, Recreation Services, Language Services, Food Services, and the co-ordination of educationa opportunities for non Japanese children.  
  3. Identifying and analyzing key data to support strategic initiatives for the the Resource Center, Language Services, Recreation Services, Food Services and education co-ordination.
  4. Creating reports for university committees, governing boards, audits, and reviews by government, including collecting and analyzing relevant data
  5. Supporting the development of training materials and programs to enhance University Community Service staff members’ professional development and daily performance
  6. Developing high level internal communications plans and tactical communications in order­­ to promote University Community Services to the OIST community
  7. Providing ongoing administrative oversight and effective stewardship of appropriate University Community Services resources, initiatives, staff, and activities, including budgets; supervision; and evaluation and improvement of University Community Services effectiveness and outcomes for the the Resource Center, Recreation Services, Food Services and education co-ordination.



We are seeking a person with a strong university management background.  People with this background have usually held a broad range of university leadership positions.

  1. Master’s degree in business, educational leadership or other related discipline
  2. Established administrative and leadership ability and experience in a research university
  3. Excellent written and oral communication skills in English.
  4. Experience collaborating with a broad range of stakeholders.
  5. Experience working effectively with a diverse student, faculty, and staff population, ability to communicate effectively with people who use English as a second language, and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  6. Demonstrated effectiveness in personnel supervision and management.
  7. Experience developing, administering, and managing budgets
  8. Experience in organizational development, change management, policy development and process improvements.
  9. Experience in school operations and management
  10. Experience managing service offices and meeting the needs of diverse stakeholders


  1. 10+ years of experience in a research university setting
  2. Experience in strategy development, leadership principles and change management
  3. Experience developing staff training and developing the administrative and managerial skills of others
  4. Experience with implementing communications plans
  5. Demonstrated knowledge of business intelligence analysis and the creation of actionable metrics

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