Post-doctoral Fellow - Neuroscience

New Haven, Connecticut (US)
$50,000 +
March 26 2021
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type

The Turk Browne lab at Yale University is currently recruiting highly motivated individuals to join our research team. Our lab is composed of scientists from a range of academic backgrounds including neuroscience, bioengineering, computer science, cognitive science, and psychology. We seek to create a supportive environment for innovative and rigorous scientific research as well as personal and professional development of all our members. We provide access to cutting-edge facilities and excellent opportunities for collaboration, including with neurology and neurosurgery in the Yale School of Medicine. 


The lab is currently seeking a full-time postdoc to join a unique and multidisciplinary cognitive neuroscience research team led by neurosurgeon Dr. Eyiyemisi Damisah. We seek to uncover the nature and causes of cognitive and memory impairment in temporal lobe epilepsy, Alzheimer’s diseases and other related dementias. The project enables unparalleled access to patient populations, studied with a variety of complementary techniques: novel behavioral tasks, structural and functional MRI, intracranial EEG, and direct electrical stimulation, including closed-loop stimulation toward the development of new implantable brain-interfacing devices. Proficiency in statistics and programming is required. 

Education: Ph.D. in psychology, neuroscience, engineering or a related field is required.

Interested and Qualified Candidates: Please send a cover letter, CV, and representative publication(s) to