Postdoctoral fellowship position in ‘Regenerative Biology and Medicine’

Munich (Stadt), Bayern (DE)
March 24 2021
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Postdoctoral fellowship position in ‘Regenerative Biology and Medicine’

Laboratory of Yuval Rinkevich Ph.D

Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen

In collaboration with Technical University of Munich

Postdoctoral fellowship positions are available for a highly motivated individual wishing to identify fundamental cellular and molecular principles of tissue/organ regeneration, and develop a knowledge basis for therapeutic strategies in clinical use. Our lab explores how tissues/organs regenerate following injury and at multiple levels of biological organization, from the level of whole organisms to the level of single stem cells. We employ state-of-the-art mouse genetic models, single cell lineage tracing approaches, multicolor ‘Rainbow’ and tetrachimera mouse models, surgical and chemical mouse models of organ injury and repair, flow cytometry, cell and molecular biology approaches to pursue our diverse questions on how tissues regenerate, and what underlies the basis for the diverse repair and regeneration outcomes in mammals. Our work therefore carries basic, clinical & evolutionary implications.

Interested candidates should ideally have a background in either developmental biology, stem cell biology, immunology, bioinformatics, and be trained in standard techniques of molecular and cellular biology.

The lab provides a creative, and interdisciplinary environment. Helmholtz and Technical University Munich are among Europe’s leading research organizations focused on biomedicine and environmental health. The working environment provides an unparalleled array of experimental platforms, core facilities, clinical cooperation groups and centers for translational medicine. This environment offers the fellow an additional wide field of expertise in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research areas.

Munich offers a highly stimulating environment for research. The close neighborhood of Helmholtz, Technical University of Munich, the Ludwig-Maximilian University, and several Institutes of the Max-Planck-Society offers numerous interactions and stimulating collaborations.

To apply, please email the following items to Dr. Yuval Rinkevich (at: and to Prof. Hans-Guenther-Machens (at:

1.     Updated CV and contact information (email, address, telephone number).

2.     Short summary of your research interests and major research accomplishments.

3.     Names and contact information (email, address, telephone number) of three referees who can provide letters of support.

Thank you for your interest.

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