Call for applicants: National Science Fund for Excellent Scholars (Overseas)

Guangzhou, Guangdong (CN)
A competitive remuneration package and scientific research services
March 12 2021
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Call for applicants: National Science Fund for Excellent Scholars (Overseas) Co-hosted by SCAU and Guangdong Laboratory for Lingnan Modern Agriculture

South China Agricultural University (SCAU) is a national key university, a "211 Project" university co-sponsored by Guangdong Province and the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as one of the key cultivated high-level universities of Guangdong Province. The latest ESI ranking shows that 8 disciplines of SCAU are among the top 1% worldwide. Veterinary science ranks at 27th in the Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2020. Agriculture and forestry rank in the Top 30th in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020. SCAU features 9 national scientific research platforms, and 76 scientific research platforms at provincial and ministerial levels. Over the past three years, SCAU has won 12 national science and technology awards, achieving a number of distinctions including: The State Scientific and Technological Progress Awards, The State Technological Invention Awards and The State Natural Science Awards. Thus, it is the foremost university in Guangdong Province for the number of awards won. The total number of awards ranks the 1st place in Guangdong Province.

Guangdong Laboratory for Lingnan Modern Agriculture (hereinafter referred to as "the provincial laboratory") was established with the approval of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Government in August 2019, as a public institution and an independent legal entity, sponsored by the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality. The provincial laboratory focuses on major frontier research for modern agriculture science, "bottleneck" core technologies, and the integrated innovation of the whole industry chain. It aims six fields including the modern seed industry, and serves nine industries including grain, livestock, and poultry. Additionally, it strives to promote original innovation within modern agriculture, pool modern agricultural high-level scientific and technological talents and enhance the development of agricultural industry with modern characteristics. Adopting the construction pattern of "core + network", the provincial laboratory has five sub-centers in Shenzhen, Zhaoqing, Maoming, Yunfu and Heyuan in addition to its headquarter in Guangzhou. A total of 7 billion RMB has been invested in the first phase. Dr. Li Jiayang (CAS academician) holds the post of the director of the provincial laboratory, and Dr. Liu Yaoguang (CAS academician) as the director of the Academic committee.

SCAU, together with Guangdong Laboratory for Lingnan Modern Agriculture,  now call for applicants for the National Science Fund for Excellent Scholars (Overseas) of NSFC, co-hosted by and.

I. Project Introduction

In order to further perfect the NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China) funding system for talents, and realize the potential of NSFC in recruiting and cultivating talents, the NSFC set out to establish the National Science Fund for Excellent Scholars (Overseas) in 2021. This project aims to attract and encourage excellent overseas scholars (including non-ethnic Chinese with foreign citizenship) to work in China.

II. Eligibility for Application

Applicants should meet the following conditions:

1. Abide by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, have good scientific ethics, and consciously practice the spirit of scientists in the new era;

2. Obtained a Ph.D. degree;

3. Research direction mainly involves natural science, engineering technology, etc.;

5. Prior to April 30, 2021, the applicant should hold the formal teaching or scientific research position at an overseas university, scientific research institution, or enterprise R&D institutions. Additionally, the applicant should have work experience of more than 36 consecutive months. Requirements for working years may be relaxed in cases of applicants whom have obtained a Ph.D. degree overseas and have outstanding performance;

6. Have accomplishments in  scientific research and technology areas, with recognition from peer experts. Additionally, the applicant should be of potential to become an academic leader or outstanding talent in a related field;

7. The applicant has not yet returned (come) to China to work on a full-time basis, or has returned (come) to China to work after September 1, 2019. The applicant must resign from their overseas employment upon receiving funding, and guarantee of full-time work in China for at least three years during the project implementation.

 (Specific guidelines for the program:

III. Restrictions 

1. The National Science Fund for Excellent Scholars (Overseas) implements the program restrictions of the the National Science Fund for Excellent Scholars, found in the National Natural Science Fund Guide to Programs 2021. Applicants can only apply or undertake one national talent program at the same level. A reverse level application is not acceptable.

2. Those who applies , or are undertaking the National Science Fund for Excellent Scholars in the current year, are not allowed to apply for the National Science Fund for Excellent Scholars (Overseas).

IV. Funding & Support

 (I) Grant from NSFC: RMB 1-3 million for a term of 3 years.

 (II) Supporting grant from Guangdong Province: additional supporting subsidies shall be provided according to the actual situation of the selected talent.

 (III) Support from SCAU:

1. Appointment as a professor (research faculty) and incorporated in the faculty manning quota.

2. Classified as Ph.D students supervisor for, and with the recruitment quota of doctoral and master students guaranteed.

3. Provided with an annual salary of no less than RMB 600,000 (taxable income) and a settlement subsidy of no less than RMB 2 million (before tax).

4. Provided with RMB 1-3 million start-up funding for scientific research.

5. Provided with on-campus three-bedroom relocation housing or rental subsidies.

6. Provided with priority support for building academic team, according to the actual needs; provided with office and research space, equipped with academic assistant (of academic elites level, according to SCAU criterion) and postdoctoral researchers, with an unlimited recruitment quota for the latter.

7. Provided with assistance for the employment of the spouse and the school enrolment (kindergarten and primary school affiliated with SCAU) of children.

8. Assistance for Application of High-level Talent Card for Guangdong Province, and Talent’s Green Card for Guangzhou Municipality. Provided the "one-stop" talent public services such as settlement, children's school enrolment, social insurance, house-purchase, and car-purchase.

9. For those who are not sponsored by the National Science Fund for Excellent Scholars (overseas), the applicant could be recruited to SCAU following the in-force talent recruitment management procedure of SCAU.

The salary package of the talents follows the principle of "one individual one measure, one case one policy". SCAU shall provide competitive salary package and relevant supporting facilities for excellent talents.

V. How to Apply

1. Eligible applicants may send a personal CV to Once the application proposal is received, SCAU will have a specially-assigned person to guide the applicant through the follow-up steps for the application. The CV provided should include basic personal information, contact information, education background and work experience, major academic achievements (paper publications, research projects/grants obtained, patents, and awards, etc.).

2. The application system is open after March 22, 2021. Related link: Applicants need to log into the application system and finish the Application Form for National Science Fund for Excellent Scholars (overseas), and upload the required attachments and/or other supporting materials, before April 6, 2021. SCAU shall submit the program application materials to the relevant provincial departments on April 7, 2021.

3. Please prepare the following materials in advance (in reference to previous years).

 (1) Identification: ① photocopy of academic degree certificates; ② photocopy of ID card or passport; ③ photocopy of Employment contract or preliminary employment contract signed with SCAU; ④ Certification materials for overseas employment (signed by a referee);

 (2) Recommendation letters: by three overseas experts (with referee’s signature; scanned version is required if submitted as an e-version);

 (3) Achievement credentials: ① photocopies and materials proving main achievements (representative publications, patent certificates, product certificates), proof of article publication and citation shall be issued with official seals by authorized institutions; ② proof for leading or participating research projects; ③ photocopies of award certificates; ④ other supporting materials.

VI. Contact Information

 (I) Talent policy advisory

Human Resources Department, SCAU

Contact person: Sun _ and Dai _

Tel: +86-20-85285433


(II) Project application consultation:

Academy of Sciences, SCAU

Contact person: Tang

Tel. + 86-20-85280070