Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Fellow

Frederick, Maryland (US)
$52,850 -- $81,000
March 06 2021
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type

Position Title: Elucidation of proteomic instability in cancer and the role of HSF1 in oncogenesis. 

Position Description: Dr. Chengkai Dai’s laboratory at the Mouse Cancer Genetics Program (MCGP), National Cancer Institute (NCI), USA has two open positions, one postdoctoral fellow (visiting fellow, non-FTE) and one research fellow (full-time NIH employee, FTE). The candidates will participate in projects that elucidate proteomic instability of cancer and tumor-associated amyloidogenesis, new phenomena in cancer biology, and investigate the multifaceted pro-oncogenic roles of heat shock factor 1 (HSF1). HSF1, the master transcriptional regulator of the heat-shock or proteotoxic stress, response, plays a critical role in preserving proteomic stability under stress conditions. Contrasting with its dispensability for primary cells, cancerous cells become dependent on HSF1, a phenomenon referred to as “non-oncogene addiction”. Recently, HSF1 has been identified by Project Achilles as a common essential gene for a broad range of human cancer cell lines (

Dr. Dai’s laboratory is conducting interdisciplinary research in the emerging field of proteomic instability of cancer. His recent research reveals that amyloidogenesis, due to disruption of proteome homeostasis, is tumor-suppressive and that HSF1 plays a critical role in suppressing amyloidogenesis (Cell. 2015, 160:729-44; Nature Cell Biology. 2016, 18:527-39; Molecular Cell. 2019, 76:546-561; Science Advances. 2020, 6:eabc6871). Detailed information about Dr. Dai’s research and publications can be accessed at Candidates for the postdoctoral fellowship may have up to 4 years of postdoctoral training experience (foreign nationals are eligible for J-1 visa). Candidates for the research fellowship should demonstrate outstanding scholastic achievement showing a strong publication record (foreign nationals are eligible for H-1B visa). Compensation commensurate with experience. NCI offers an outstanding environment for training and career development. Postdoctoral trainees in Dr. Dai’s lab have successfully competed for NCI career transition awards and secured independent tenure-track faculty positions.

Applications, sent by e-mail to Dr. Dai (, Phone (301) 846-5227, should consist of a cover letter describing research experience and interests, curriculum vitae, bibliography, and contact information of three references.

Employer Name: Mouse Cancer Genetics Program, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, NIH, DHHS.

Position Location: National Cancer Institute – Frederick, Frederick, MD 21702

These positions are subject to a background investigation. The NIH is dedicated to building a diverse community in its training and employment programs.

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