Interdisciplinary Postdoc Position in Salt Marsh Ecology and Ecosystem Services

Department of Biology, University of Southern Denmark
Odense, Fyn (DK)
February 25 2021
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At the Department of Biology, SDU we are looking for a two-year postdoc in salt marsh ecology focusing on assessing and quantifying ecosystem services in Nordic salt marshes with a particular interdisciplinary focus on climate regulation (e.g. C sequestration), coastal protection and biodiversity related ecosystem services, management and governance, and co-production of knowledge with deep stakeholder integration. You would also be expected to help with both field and mesocosm experimental work together with other members of the NordSalt consortium. Furthermore you would have to participate in stakeholder workshops focusing on developing conceptual models and future scenarios of the ecosystem services of these Nordic coastal marshes.

Description of the Position
The postdoc will be employed within the BiodivERsA project "NordSalt: Climate Change Impacts and Biodiversity Interactions in Nordic Salt Marshes" jointly funded by Innovation Foundation, Denmark and the EU.  BiodivERsA is a network of national and regional funding organizations funded under the Horizon 2020 ERA-NET COFUND scheme promoting pan-European research on biodiversity and ecosystem services, as well as offering innovative opportunities for the conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity. The NordSalt project is transdisciplinary and focuses on biodiversity and climate interaction in Nordic salt marshes and coastal wetland habitats.

Coastal marshes in the Nordic region ("Baltic coastal meadows") are largely understudied and differ substantially from "classic" macrotidal salt marshes (which are well-studied globally) due to the wide climate and salinity gradients and microtidal nature of the Baltic Sea. In NordSalt we will investigate salt marsh ecosystem services (biodiversity, carbon sequestration) in relation to plant community structure, climate change, anthropogenic pressures and management strategies.

About You
The candidate should have a PhD in biology, ecology, environmental studies, political science or sociology with an environmental emphasis, environmental/resource economics or similar. Experience with climate or biodiversity topics, coastal or marsh habitats, or ecosystem service assessments from any of these disciplinary angles is desirable. Expertise in, for example, ecosystems ecology, field work, environmental sociology, stakeholder engagement and integration, conceptual modelling or multivariate statistics is also an advantage. Your specific focus and tasks within this project are described above.

22 March 2021.