DGIST Tenure-Track Faculty Public Invitation

South Korea (KR)
Yearly Salary
February 08 2021
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It is an honor to have a professor with excellent ability to realize the vision of a ‘Convergence University that changes the world with innovation’ through convergence education and leading high-tech research along with respect.


1. Positions

Department Recruitment Field

Emerging Materials Science

• Materials physics


• Chemistry


Information and Communication Engineering

• All areas in electrical engineering and computer science including but not limited to the following


- Machine learning theory, NLP, computer vision, and other related areas in AI and ML


- Database / data mining


- High speed ADC and RF circuit design


- Neuromorphic devices


Robotics Engineering

• AI theories and applications for robotics: AI algorithm, deep learning, machine learning, motion planning, robot vision, intelligent control and other related topics


• Autonomous vehicle technology: computer vision, SLAM, vehicle control, intelligent transportation system and other related research topics


• General robotics: cooperative robot, industrial robot, humanoid, surgery / rehabilitation robot, exoskeleton, mobile robot and other related research topics


• All areas in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering related to robotics for exceptional candidates


Energy Science and Engineering

• All areas in chemistry, physics, materials science, and chemical engineering related to energy conversion, storage, and saving but not limited to the following


- Design, synthesis, fabrication and modeling of materials and devices


- Characterization of structure, properties, dynamics and functions


- Device physics, transmission electron microscope(TEM), spectroscopy


Brain and Cognitive Sciences

• Cognitive neuroscience


• Computational neuroscience


• All areas in cellular/molecular neuroscience for exceptional candidates


New biology

• Bioinformatics/microbial metagenomics


• Chemical biology


• Immunology


• Plant development and biochemistry



2. Date of Appointment : Setember 1st, 2021(Appointment date can be adjusted in consultation with department)




3. Qualification


⦁ Encourage support for female scientists.


⦁ With no reasons for disqualification based on related Korean Law(STATE PUBLIC OFFICIALS ACT Article 33)


⦁ Ph.D. Holder with ability to teach in English required


⦁ Without distinction of nationality


4. Required Documents


⦁ DGIST application form


⦁ 5 representative achievements(Not Passed to submit less than 5 representative achievement)


⦁ 3 letter of recommendation(Please fill out the list of three recommenders in the application form and submit the recommendation file directly to the department by e-mail if you pass the document review)



5. How to Apply


⦁ Apply after accessing faculty.dgist.ac.kr website


⦁ Application Period : Feb 8th, 2021(Mon) ~ Feb 26th, 2021(Fri) 18:00(GMT+09:00)




6. Procedure


Document Screening



Department Interview



Final Interview



Faculty Personnel Committee Review


(Mid March, 2021)

(Mid April, 2021)

(Mid May, 2021)

(Mid June, 2021)

※ Above Schedule is variable depending on DGIST internal situation




7. Matters of Consideration


⦁ If there is no qualified person, no one can be invited


⦁ Results of each step will be individually notified via email


⦁ Appointment shall be canceled in case of


1) a false entry or modification is found in the application form,


2) impossibility to obtain a Ph.D. as of appointment,


3) being rejected in pre-employment medical checkups


⦁ Other matters not specified in this announcement follow DGIST regulation on Faculty Personnel Management & related regulations


⦁ Detailed information on contract conditions from DGIST Academic Affairs Team


〇 e-Mail : faculty@dgist.ac.kr

〇 Homepage : faculty.dgist.ac.kr