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University of California, San Francisco
San Francisco, California
NIH recommended post-doctoral compensation
January 26 2021
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Full Time
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Dr. Munster’s research efforts focus on the preclinical development of novel therapeutic strategies for the prevention and treatment of solid tumor malignancies and the translation of these strategies to the clinic. A major aim of this research is the development of a novel drug delivery platform that provides therapeutics directly to target tissues and malignant lesions to maximize efficacy and minimize systemic exposure and associated toxicities. This platform utilizes various silicones and form factors embedded with the desired therapeutic. Resulting drug delivery devices are able to provide sustained therapy for significant durations, both safely and without device associated toxicities. This approach has been successfully applied to the delivery of hormonal therapies for the prevention of breast cancer and the treatment of early-stage prostate cancer, for which the prostate cancer device has recently entered clinical testing.

Position: The post-doctoral candidate will lead the preclinical development of PARP inhibitor delivery devices. This new class of DNA repair targeting therapeutics has shown great promise for the treatment of hereditary BRCA-related cancers, and their localized delivery has the potential significantly increase their effectiveness and application. The chosen candidate would lead the characterization of PARP inhibitor delivery using a combination of in vitro and in vivo assays and models, including defining their release kinetics, developing new rodent and large animal models to assess pharmacokinetics and tissue biodistribution, testing efficacy using in vivo cancer models, and helping to refine and optimize novel device form factors suited for specific cancer types.

Post-doctoral candidates with backgrounds in oncology, pharmacology, animal research, bioengineering, as well as those with a strong desire to engage in a challenging multidisciplinary project are strongly encouraged to apply. This post-doctoral training opportunity is also ideal for those seeking to transition to start up or industry clinical development settings following their training, as the candidate will have the opportunity to work closely with our private venture, Alessa Therapeutics, which is currently commercializing this approach for the delivery of hormonal therapy for the breast and prostate cancer. Interested candidates should email their cover letter and CV to and are encouraged to visit our laboratory website ( ) for additional information.

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