Faculty Recruitment Announcement of Shanghai University of Medicine & Health Sciences

Shanghai University of Medicine & Health Sciences
Shanghai (CN)
Competitive salary and fringe benefits
December 11 2020
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Full Time
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Faculty Recruitment Announcement of Shanghai University of Medicine & Health Sciences

1. Introduction to SUMHS

Shanghai Medical College of Health was born in the new era of "Healthy China". It is an applied technology-based undergraduate medical school in Shanghai. The school is located in the Pudong Zhangjiang Science City IN-Medical Park, with 3 campuses: Beiyuan, Nanyuan and Xinnanyuan. The school currently holds more than 11,000 full-time students; it has 9 colleges and 4 teaching faculties; it now has 16 undergraduate majors of clinical medicine, medical imaging technology, therapeutic recreation, rehabilitation physical therapy, dental medicine technology, medical laboratory technology, hygiene inspection and quarantine, food hygiene and nutrition, nursing, health service and management, pharmacy, biomedical engineering, clinical engineering technology, data science and big data technology, medical product management and public administration, and 13 college majors. Among them, clinical engineering technology, medical product management and other majors are firstly initiated in the country, and health service and management, medical imaging technology, health inspection and quarantine, and dental medicine technology have filled the specialty gap in Shanghai.

With 70-year history of running a school, SUMHS adheres to the traditions of being "the envoy of health promotion, the cradle of angels in white" and "the cradle of medical device engineers", closely responds  to the needs of the times, fulfills the needs of economic and social development, and has cultivated a large supply of innovative and high-quality talents in need for health and sanitation services development with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

SUMHS builds itself as an "applied, distinctive, and international" medical undergraduate university,  and works toward "integration of medicine and science, medical care, pension and insurance". It aims to cultivate health promoters with sound personality and psychology and industry-leading potential who are able to solve practical problems, and its efforts and results have been widely recognized by the society. The school boasts high-level young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions from the Ministry of Health, Shanghai leading talents, Shanghai medical leading talents, experts entitled to special government allowances from the State Council, Eastern scholars, Pujiang scholars, and scholars sponsored by “Phosphor” Science Foundation and “Dawn” Program, etc.; among them faculty with professors and associate professors titles account for 28%. The school has been approved for 1 national virtual simulation experiment project, 4 Shanghai virtual simulation experiment projects, 4 Shanghai applied undergraduate pilot majors, 1 Shanghai plateau&peak major, and 1 provincial-level first-class undergraduate major construction site , 1 Shanghai first-class undergraduate professional construction leading plan, 1 Shanghai experimental teaching demonstration center, 1 leading pilot institute for Shanghai ideological and political reform, 23 industry-university cooperation projects of the Ministry of Education. The teachers in SUMHS have served as editors and published over 30 undergraduate textbooks. The school also has the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Molecular Imaging and the Key Laboratory and Engineering Center of Shanghai Universities. The graduates are competitive with high and stable employment rate, and they are well received by employers. The employment rate of students in the past three years has exceeded 98%. 

The school owns 11 affiliated hospitals ( those in preparation included) including the East Hospital of Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital, Central Hospital of Fengxian District, Central Hospital of Jiading District, Zhoupu Hospital, the Second People’s Hospital of Kashgar District, the People’s Hospital of Pudong New Area (in preparation), Landseed Shanghai Hexin Hospital Group (in preparation), Central Hospital of Chongming District (in preparation), Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital Jinshan Hospital (in preparation), First Affiliated Rehabilitation Hospital (in preparation), Yangpu District Mental Health Center (in preparation) and Zhongshan Hospital, Huashan Hospital and many other teaching hospitals, more than ten national and Shanghai municipal public training bases. SUMHS has also maintained all-round close cooperation with hundreds of high-level medical service institutions, medical device enterprises and testing units. It has conducted active international cooperation and exchanges with dozens of well-known universities in the US, Japan, France, Britain, Australia, Germany, etc., and established a long-term and stable personnel training cooperation mechanism.

In recent years, the school has successively hosted or undertaken a series of forums: the Asian Nuclear Medicine Forum, the China Urban Healthy Life Forum, the Yangtze River Delta Elderly Care Institution Development Summit Forum, the International Rehabilitation Innovation and Application Seminar, the Cross-Strait and Hong Kong and Macao Health Service and Management Talent Training Summit Forum, China Digital Medical Industry Forum, China Health Insurance and Big Health Industry Summit Forum, Oriental Medical Education Forum, China Health Medical Education PBL Alliance, Medical Device Technology and Regulatory Summit Forum, Shanghai Medical Ethics Education Academic Forum, Health Equipment and Talent Development Summit Forum and dozens of high-level academic conferences and skills competitions such as the Shanghai International Nursing Skills Competition and the National Medical Imaging Skills Competition; co-organized the national "Cultural Confidence and New Engineering" Presidents Forum; initiated the establishment of the "China Digital Medical Industry Alliance"; The first PBL alliance for health and medical education in China was formed. While continuously strengthening its own strength and influence, the school has not forgotten to serve the society, and has carried out counterpart assistance projects such as aid construction of schools, co-construction of hospitals and targeted training with Hainan, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai and Guizhou and other places to medical level of remote areas and cultivate medical talents.

SUMHS will continue to enrich its connotation of running schools and enhance strength, so as to make greater contributions to building a healthy China and a healthy Shanghai.

2. Recruitment Disciplines:

Clinical medicine, public health, epidemiology, nursing, rehabilitation therapy, nutrition and food hygiene, medical imaging, medical imaging technology, medical laboratory technology, stomatology, ophthalmology, proteomics, medicinal chemistry, biomedicine Engineering, public administration, machinery, electronics & mechanical engineering, bioinformatics, materials science, pharmacy, psychology, philosophy, mathematics, English, computer

3. Qualifications:

1. Have good ideological and political morality, strong dedication and sense of community and innovation. 

2. Great record of research accomplishments, generally graduated with PhD degree.

3. Strong teaching and research capabilities

4. Experience in clinical work is preferred.

5. Mentally and Physically healthy and meet the relevant requirements of Shanghai Medical College for recruitment and talent introduction.

4. Application:

Please send Basic Information form (in attachment), a copy of academic certificate, diploma, work title, professional qualifications, work experience and other materials to jkyxyhr@163.com with the email title: application department + position + name 

5. Contact information:

Contact: Ms Liu

Tel: 86-21-65882192

Email: jkyxyhr@163.com

Visit us at: www.sumhs.edu.cn

Address: Personnel Office, Shanghai Medical College, 279 Zhouzhu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai Post Code: 201318