2021 Xuzhou University of Technology Recruitment for High-level Talents

Xuzhou University of Technology
Xuzhou, Jiangsu (CN)
Competitive salary and fringe benefits
December 14 2020
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Full Time
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2021 Xuzhou University of Technology Recruitment for High-level Talents

Located in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, a key node city of the Belt and Road, the central city of Huaihai Economic Zone with a long history, a splendid culture and convenient transportation, Xuzhou University of Technology (XUT) is founded in 1959, listing in National Outstanding Engineer Education and Training Program Implementation Universities, Pilot Universities of the National Industry-Education Integration Development Project and Executive Vice President Unit of the National Alliance of Newly-built Universities for Undergraduates. XUT encompasses 132.7 hectares, and it has19 schools with 61 bachelor's degree programs and a total enrollment of over 23,000 full-time undergraduates. It has grown into a comprehensively multi-disciplinary university in the fields of Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Literature, Economics, Administration, Education, Fine Arts, etc. There are 1,547 faculty members, including 545 with senior professional titles and 334 with doctorates, and 150 persons own special allowances from the State Council, the fame of National Model Teachers, Advanced Individuals in the national education system, national candidates for the New Century Talent Project or Jiangsu Province Outstanding Contribution Experts.

For more information, please visit:  http://www.xzit.edu.cn/

In order to build a team with good qualifications and levels and is able to adapt to the development of higher education in the new era, XUT invites talents at home and abroad to work with us to promote the comprehensive development of our university.

1. Major Requirements

School of Economics and Finance: Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics, Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, etc.

School of Business: Applied Economics, Business Administration, Management Science and Engineering, etc.

School of Management and Engineering: Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, etc. 

School of Educational Science: Education, Chinese Language and Literature, Mathematics, Psychology, Art, etc.

School of Marxism: Marxist Theory, Philosophy, Political Science, Law, Chinese History, Sociology, etc.

School of Physical Education: Physical Education, Physical Culture and Sociology, Physical Education and Training, National Traditional Physical Education, etc.

School of Humanities: Chinese Language and Literature, Journalism and Communication, Sociology, etc.

School of Foreign Languages: Foreign Language and Literature, International Trade, etc.

School of Art and Design: Design, Mechanical Engineering, Drama, Film and Television, etc.

School of Mathematics and Statistics: Mathematics, Statistics, etc.

School of Physics and New Energy: Physics, Optical Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, New Energy Materials, Engineering Thermal Physics, Instrument Science and Technology, etc

School of Materials and Chemical Engineering: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Material Science and Engineering, etc.

School of Information Engineering (School of Big Data): Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, etc.

School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering: Control Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, etc.

School of Electrical and Control EngineeringMechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, etc

School of Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering, Safety Science and Engineering, Engineering Management, Engineering Mechanics, Geological Engineering, etc.

School of Environmental Engineering: Municipal Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning, Forestry, Environmental Science and Engineering, etc.

School of Food and Bioengineering: Food Science and Engineering, Fermentation Engineering, Biological Engineering, Microbiology, Pharmacy, etc.

2. Requirements

2.1 Professor or Associate professor: A professor or associate professor with doctorate degree and the ability to become a Principal Investigator (PI).

2.2 Doctoral Postgraduate: Holder of a doctorate degree from a prestigious overseas university, and can serve as an independent PI or carry out high-level research under the leadership of a PI.

3. Talent Introduction Policy

3.1 Resettlement Allowances.

Professor: CNY 1,100,000-3,000,000.

Associate Professor: CNY 600,000-1,300,000.

Doctoral Postgraduate: CNY 300,000-1,000,000.

The resettlement allowance shall be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

3.2 Start-Up Funds for Research

Start-up funds (CNY 50,000-3,000,000), abundant and high-level scientific research support platforms, scientific research teams (only for independent PI) and experimental space adapted to scientific research needs are provided.

3.3 Salaries

Staffing of government affiliated institutions and upgrading salary package are offered. 

3.4 Accommodation

Two-year transition house free of charge or rent subsidy is offered.

3.5 Other Services

Priority recommendations for applying “Distinguished Professor of Jiangsu Province”. Successful candidates will be awarded CNY 120,000/year, and a research fund of CNY 1,000,000 (CNY 2,000,000 for excellent ones) and CNY 500,000 for natural sciences and liberal arts respectively. 

Priority recommendations for applying “Innovative and Entrepreneurial Doctor of Jiangsu Province”. Successful candidates will be awarded CNY 300,000. (Graduates from top 200 universities in the world (refer to QS, THE, U.S News, ARWU, CWUR).

4. Contact Information

The recruitment is valid all year round. Eligible candidates are requested send resume and other related information to xzitrsc@163.com or contact at 0086-516-83105036.

(For more information please visit http://rsc.xzit.edu.cn/870/list.htm)