Expert for the Virtual Research Institute (“WIB”) Programme

Łukasiewicz - PORT
Wroclaw (PL)
Salary table is attached to the application documentation on programme's website: https://wib.port.o
December 07 2020
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The Virtual Research Institute [Wirtualny Instytut Badawczy – WIB] utilises an innovative format of conducting research, unprecedented in Poland, which affords considerable potential for social and economic applications. Its activities will be financed by the Polish Science Fund. The Polish Government has allocated ca. EUR 450 million for this purpose, and has decided to support scientific research and development work in the field of medical biotechnology, and, more specifically, oncology.

The Virtual Research Institute Programme is a tool for distributing the said resources. Its purpose is to provide funding for the operations of internationally competitive research teams selected under the tender procedure. The research teams carrying out scientific activities under Leaders with recognised scientific achievements will aim at developing an IP (new products and technologies) which can be commercialised. The commercialisation process will be managed by a managing entity specifically established for this purpose - the Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT – the Polish Center for Technology Development ( Łukasiewicz – PORT will also be responsible for all tasks connected with the Programme implementation. The planned call for proposals for research team financing will be open on 1-12 March 2021.

At present, ŁUKASIEWICZ – PORT is looking for scientific and socio-economic experts in the field of medical biotechnology – oncology, who will be involved in the substantive assessment of proposals, and will participate in the periodic scientific evaluation of research tasks while they are being carried out.

A candidate to be a WIB expert should, as a minimum, have knowledge, skills, experience, and the required licences, in the field of:

a. Science – medical biotechnology – oncology

  • at least a Doctoral Degree
  • a recognised track record in research activities
  • experience and achievements in managing research teams, also those operating internationally
  • scientific achievements in participation in substantive work within research teams (developed technologies, inventions, research results forming a basis for clinical trials)


b. Socio-economic studies – medical biotechnology – oncology

  • higher education
  • a track record and professional experience in innovation, commercialisation, and the implementation of innovative R&D solutions which led to the initiation of clinical trials
  • experience in managing high-risk funds (seed funds, VC, etc.)


The deadline for submitting proposals for inclusion in the list of experts: 15.01.2021.

Call details and related documents (Rules and regulations with all requirements, salary table, draft of contract agreement, etc.) please check on programme's website:


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Looking forward to hearing from you,

the WIB Programme Team