Nanjing Forestry University is looking for “Metasequoia Scholar”

Nanjing Forestry University
Nanjing, Jiangsu (CN)
The first employment period is 3 years, and the annual salary is 600,000
November 21 2020
Position Type
Full Time
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Nanjing Forestry University is looking for "Metasequoia Scholar"

Nanjing Forestry University is located at the foot of the scenic Zijin Mountain and the rippling Xuanwu Lake. It was formerly known as the Forestry Department of Central University (founded in 1902) and Jinling University (founded in 1910). It has a glorious history of more than 110 years. National "Double First Class" construction universities, provincial key universities jointly built by the central and local governments, and "Double First Class" construction universities jointly established by the Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Provincial People's Government.

Research Areas

Forestry, Plant Protection, Horticulture, Grass Science, Forestry Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Biochemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Light Industry Technology and Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Garden Plants and Ornamental Horticulture, Mechanical Engineering , Control Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Biology, Ecology and etc.


(1) Position: hired as a professor, career establishment.

(2) Salary: The first employment period is 3 years, and the annual salary is 600,000.

(3) Housing: Provide 100 square meters of transitional housing on campus, with a transition period of three years. 200,000 yuan for relocation and 1.5 million yuan for house purchase subsidies (excluding local government supporting facilities).

(4) Research funding: 2 million research funding (excluding local government support).

(5) Supporting measures: Provide sufficient office and laboratory space, give priority to the formation of scientific research teams, and give policy-oriented preference to the admission indicators for Ph.

(6) Assist in solving children's enrollment and spouse work.

(7) Give priority to support the application of national-level young talent projects and Jiangsu talent projects.

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