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NYU Langone Health
New York City, New York (US)
Salary commensurate with experience.
November 13 2020
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About the Poirier Laboratory:

The Poirier laboratory at the Laura & Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center lab focuses on the development of new treatment paradigms for lung cancer using three primary tools: genetic, epigenetic, and transcriptomic analyses; functional genomics using CRISPR-Cas9; and, high-fidelity patient-derived models of lung cancer. In addition to his primary research focus, Dr. Poirier directs the Perlmutter Cancer Center Preclinical Therapeutics Program, which acquires viable human tumor cells from the clinic for the development of cancer models and tests experimental cancer therapeutics in the preclinical setting. The lab has published in Cancer Cell, Nature Cancer, Cancer Research and other high-profile journals.

Job Summary:

The Poirier Lab is seeking highly motivated, organized, and creative candidates to take on  mentored leadership roles in the laboratory and train to become fully independent academic scientists. Successful candidates can expect a collaborative and supportive laboratory environment and to be immersed in scientific and technical excellence in the heart of New York City. Two projects are immediately available:

Genome engineering technologies for cancer research

The rate at which new somatic cancer variants are discovered far outpaces our ability to study their function. Similarly, the majority of germline variants are of uncertain or disputed significance. While genome engineering technologies have been transformative for validation of small numbers of genetic variants, the vast majority of variants must still be painstakingly engineered one by one. We develop genome engineering technologies that enable parallel orchestration of large numbers of genetic variants in a single experiment in order to study their function. A post-doctoral fellow is needed to bring a working proof-of-concept system to the finish line.

Cellular modulators of replication stress and their role in acquired chemotherapy resistance

DNA replication is a highly regulated process. Cells have evolved to be robust to perturbations to DNA replication by a variety of genetic insults. Cancer cells vary widely in tolerance of replication stress, impacting response to a number of chemotherapeutic agents. We seek to understand the mechanistic basis underlying how normal and cancer cells differ in their ability to cope with replication stress induced by DNA damaging chemotherapy and how these responses are regulated during development of clinical acquired chemoresistance. A post-doctoral fellow is needed to characterize an under-studied modulator of replication stress using state-of-the-art biochemical methods and advanced microscopy using model systems developed over the last 6 months.

Job Qualifications:


  • Recent PhD graduate.
  • Experience with several of the following technical proficiencies: molecular biology, biochemistry & cell biology, human cell culture, CRISPR, affinity purification, wide-field, confocal, and super-resolution microscopy
  • Proven track record in the field of DNA damage response, genome engineering, genomic instability, or replication stress, with relevant publications
  • Demonstrated scientific rigor, scientific excellence, and technical excellence
  • Independent, self-motivated and innovative
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Willing to seek out grant funding from external sources in support of their independent research and may participate in writing grant proposals
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills, strong work ethic & organizational skills
  • Ability to work productively & constructively in a team environment
  • Ability to excel in a goal-oriented, multifaceted and fast-moving team environment

Interested candidates should email their CV and a brief statement of research ( Applications that do not meet these qualifications will not be considered.

About the Postdoctoral Affairs Program at NYU Langone Health:

NYULH also has a robust career development program led by our Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.  One of only 17 schools to receive an NIH BEST (Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training), the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs offers over 30 courses and workshops on career planning, communication skills, negotiating, and conflict management, as well as career-specific training for careers in academia, pharma/biotech, science policy, medical communications, and many more.  More information is available at


NYU Langone Health is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer committed to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of recruiting and employment. All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply and will receive consideration without regard to race, color, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability, military and veteran status, genetic information or any other factor which cannot lawfully be used as a basis for an employment decision.


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