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Okinawa Prefecture, Japan - surrounded by a beautiful shoreline and coral reefs
Salary Range: $42,500-$55,000; Relocation, housing and commuting allowances; Health insurance
November 13 2020
Cell Signal Unit Recruitment
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In the Cell Signal Unit at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology we study intracellular signaling and the mechanisms regulating gene expression in mammals. We explore CCR4-NOT complex-mediated gene regulation, namely transcription, translation and silencing, utilizing a wide range of methodologies from genetics, molecular and cellular biology, structural biology, pathoanatomical study, and systems biology. Through these studies we will be able to develop profound insights into how human beings respond to environmental stimuli, and into the causes of disease. As the scope of this research requires a wide range of knowledge and technical expertise, applications from individuals who have experience in the aforementioned methodologies are welcomed. For latest publication, go to " ".