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Chicago, Illinois
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October 19 2020
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Full Time
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A Postdoctoral Scholar/Research Professional position is available immediately in the laboratory of Deborah Nelson at The University of Chicago to study ion channel function in human disease.  The Nelson laboratory is NIH funded to examine the role of extracellular vesicles as nanodelivery agents in the resolution of human disease in three cellular contexts:

  • The control of pathogen killing in innate immunity
  • The resolution of disorders of bone formation including osteoporosis
  • The neutralization of infection decoy targets for SARS-CoV-2 virus in the lung

Our strategy is to deploy live cell fluorescent video microcopy at the vesicle to single cell level to examine underlying disease mechanisms. Supporting this strategy are single vesicle isolation techniques using assymetric flow fractionation, SPR-mediated vesicle receptor interaction studies, manufacture of cell lines expressing fluorescently labeled target proteins, single ion channel protein imaging, and vesicle capture and perfusion using a unique microfluidic platform. 

We are seeking a Ph.D. graduate with extensive training and a demonstrated publication record with experience in molecular biology, tissue culture and fluorescence microscopy.  Applicants must be conversant in basic molecular biology techniques including protein, RNA, and DNA preparations, Western blotting, RT-PCR, PCR, and cloning.  Experience in CRISPER-Cas editing would be highly desirable.  Opportunities for professional growth include live cell video microscopy and microfluidics technology in the study of isolated cells and extracellular vesicles. 

Applicants must have a PhD degree and a record of innovative scientific accomplishment in graduate and/or post-graduate studies, as evidenced by the applicant’s PhD thesis and/or by first authorships in peer-reviewed journals.  High level English proficiency required:  written, spoken, and reading. Salary scaled according to experience.   Your application should include a letter describing your research experience and interests, future career aspirations, your CV, and contact information for three references, emailed directly to

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