Postdoctoral Fellowship (Bioinformatics Analysis) - Pediatric Endocrinology

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
$50,004 Minimum Starting Salary, Commensurate with Experience
October 14 2020
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type

Martin J. Hessner Ph.D.

Department of Pediatrics

The Max McGee Research Center for Juvenile Diabetes

Children’s Research Institute

Medical College of Wisconsin

A postdoctoral fellowship position in bioinformatics analysis is available in Dr. Hessner’s well-funded laboratory to study clinical, translational and basic science aspects of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). Background knowledge in R, statistics and genomic analyses tools is strongly preferred. Background knowledge in immunology and/or autoimmunity is desired.

Dr. Martin Hessner’s laboratory is within McGee Diabetes Center within the Department of Pediatrics at the Medical College of Wisconsin (

Candidates will work in as part of a team focused on human studies aimed at characterizing T1D disease susceptibility, disease heterogeneity, and responses to therapeutic interventions utilizing immunotherapeutic agents and probiotics.  A successful candidate will have a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Immunology, Bioinformatics or any relevant branch of biological sciences. Preference will be given to individuals with research interest and experience in T1D and/or autoimmunity.  For one position we are seeking applicants with expertise in genetic and genomic techniques, flow cytometry and sorting, and immunological assays.  For the other position, we are seeking expertise in bioinformatics and statistics to facilitate analysis of complex scRNAseq, SNP, and Affymetrix gene expression data sets.  For both positions, good written and verbal communication skills are highly appreciated.

To apply, please visit MCW Careers website via the link provided to submit a formal application, along with three professional letters of recommendation.


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