Interdisciplinary Research Psychologist / Nutritionist / Physiologist

Dr. Kate Larson
Grand Forks, ND
76,721 - 140,146
September 21 2020
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type

The USDA Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center is seeking highly qualified candidates for a permanent full-Time Interdisciplinary Research Psychologist / Nutritionist / Physiologist. The incumbent will conduct human studies of psychological and physiological influences on eating behavior, physical activity choices, and energy balance that can be translated to interventions that promote maintenance of a healthy body weight. The incumbent will conduct independent as well as lead team-based nutritional/health values research and is expected to develop productive collaborations with other scientists from universities, industry, and government. Publishes independent research results related to epigenetic mechanisms of obesity risk or behavioral factors important for maintaining a healthy body weight in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Manages a research program, including personnel, equipment and fiscal resources following agency's mission and scientific procedures, requirements and protocols. Supervises employees, to include setting performance standards, monitoring performance and guiding subordinates. A minimum of two years of postdoctoral research experience is required.

The incumbent will have access to extensive state-of-the-art core research support services in the Center and its community satellite facilities: a human performance/body composition laboratory (with DXA, indirect calorimetry, BodPod); controlled-feeding kitchen facilities; a residential metabolic unit; a behavioral choice/psychophysiology laboratory; a community-based laboratory imbedded in a fitness center (with DXA, indirect calorimetry, behavior testing); a room calorimeter, an ‘omics’ core, a mass spectrometry core including high-precision isotope-ratio instruments, a clinical biochemistry laboratory; a nutritional analytics/clinical chemistry core; and a statistical/data processing core.

To apply, please visit USAJOBS and Direct questions to Dr. Kate J. Larson ( USDA/ARS is an equal opportunity employer and provider.

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