Research Associate and Postdoctoral fellow in Stem cells and Organoid biology in Max-Planck Centre

China, Maine
We will offer globally competitive salary and staff benefits.
September 01 2020
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Full Time
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Postdoctoral positions are now available in the lab of Dr Yun Shen Chan, a faculty member of the Max-Planck Center for Tissue Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine, Bio-Island Laboratory. Dr Chan’s lab focuses on understanding cell fate decisions and developing cutting edge cellular models for therapeutics and disease modelling. The lab employs a bedside to bench platform technology that enables derivation of patient-specific liver stem cell and organoid models. Utilizing this platform technology, the lab research focuses on 1) Genetic and chemical control of stem cell fate, 2) Creation of advance disease avatars for drug test and screen and 3) Development of cell-based and stem cell derivative therapeutics. Dr Chan is an established stem cell biologist with publications in top journals including Nature and Cell stem cell. Trained as an innovation fellow, Dr Chan is experienced in leading both basic and translational research projects. Dr Chan is also a recipient of the Gilead Sciences Research Scholarship.

The lab invites and welcomes highly motivated and committed scientists to join the team. The lab is now recruiting both fresh graduates and experienced postdoc for junior and senior positions to build a world-class lab in stem cell research. The successful candidate will join a vibrant scientific environment devoted to basic science and translational research. The lab provides a nurturing environment that encourages creative thinking and innovative approaches to tackle the most challenging scientific questions in the stem cell field. Candidate will also have opportunities to work with scientists of partner institutes to conduct interdisciplinary research to address high-priority projects in regenerative medicine.

Candidate requirements

1.     A Ph.D. degree in biology or relevant field of study.


2.     Proficient in primary cell culture and imaging techniques. 


3.     Postdoctoral training in relevant field of study is required for research associate position. Recent Ph.D. graduate with a good research track record in relevant field will also be considered.


4.     Candidates who are experienced in handling primary cell culture or with publications in stem cell research are preferred.


5.     Proficient in English (listening, speaking, writing and reading).


Max-Planck Center for Tissue Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine, BIL

With generous support from the Guangzhou Municipal Government and the Guangdong Provincial Government, Guangzhou Regenerative Medicine and Health-Guangdong Laboratory (Bio-Island Laboratory, BIL) was launched in 2017. BIL aims to bring together the leading scientific research units from Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and well-known international research institutes to achieve the vital goal of “Healthy China” and to cooperatively tackle the scientific and technical problems and challenges. BIL is focused on research areas including basic and translational research of stem cells and regenerative medicines, preclinical research and clinical application of regenerative medicines.

Max-Planck Center for Tissue Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine is a joint research centre by BIL and Max Planck-GIBH Joint Center, located in Guangzhou, China, which is an internationalized vibrant city. The new research centre will emphasize on adult stem cell research, tissue and organ development and regeneration, bioengineering and organ reconstitution, development of disease models and regenerative medicines. The centre provides world-class R&D platform and state-of-the-art facilities. Equal opportunity and the friendly academic environment will be ensured for all the researchers.

Benefits/We offer

1. The qualified candidates for the position will be provided with a globally competitive salary and staff benefits. 
2. The institute will assist candidates who are qualified to the high-level talents policy in Guangdong can apply for more benefits.

Applications need to include

1. A detailed CV that includes your basic personal information, educational and professional background, research project experience, major academic achievements/awards, publication/patents list.

2. The cover letter particularly highlights your experience and interests in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, including a brief statement of your research proposal.

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