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Weifang, Shandong (CN)
Institute will provide housing, insurance and holiday benefits in addition to salary.
July 24 2020
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Full Time
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To better serve the needs of rural development and agriculture transformation in China, Peking University and Shandong government jointly formed the Institute of Advanced Agricultural Sciences, Peking University (IAAS-PKU) in August 2018. The institute will take the advantages of the strong science research and educational capabilities of Peking University and close connection with agriculture production and enterprises of Shandong province to become a new international research hub for modern agriculture research and talent development in advanced agriculture sciences. The institute is located in beautiful Xiashan Ecological and Economic Development Zone http://www.wfxiashan.gov.cn/. A well designed lake-front new campus can house over 500 researchers and students to work and live. IAAS-PKU is planned to develop about 20 labs with state of art facilities to conduct research in plant genetics and development, agricultural biotechnology, crop genomics and breeding, and agricultural product development. The breeding and biotechnology platforms already started will enable the institute to efficiently translate basic science discoveries to useful agriculture products and technologies.

Since 2019, IAAS-PKU has recruited 4 full-time faculty members, in addition to its appointed resident director, Professor Xing Wang Deng, a formal Yale University endowed professor and member of the U.S. national academy of sciences. Professor Deng is renowned internationally for his research on plant responses to light and agricultural biotechnologies. The four faculty members so far on residence are Drs. Xingping Zhang, Wanggen Zhang, Huawei Zhang and Shisheng Chen.

The Institute is actively recruiting faculty members, management professionals and staff for all relevant disciplines at all ranks. You can send your application materials including up to date CV, a cover letter and 3 letters of reference to Miss Xiaoqin Guo at: xiaoqin.guo@pku-iaas.edu.cn. Hard copies, not required initially, can be sent to Building No.6, 197 Yixia Street, Xiashan Ecological & Economic Development Zone, Weifang, Shandong 261000, P. R. China.